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Roaring Lion is waiting for you in Argentina

Human Beings are behaving like wild animals nowadays, But is the reverse happening ? You may ask me now what I mean, Yeah I mean to ask you Do wild animals behave like innocent kids ? Yeah they do, There is a zoo name Lujan Bueno Aires in Argentina where visitors allowed to play with wild animals like Lion, Tiger and Cheetah because the animals here never do harm to anyone which makes this Zoo world famous. 

You may not believe this, But it is wild truth. Visitors at Lujan zoo are allowed to enter the cages of lions, tigers and cheetahs and play and pamper them, take close up photographs, imagine having photograph with lion or a tiger it is considered a wonder and we happen to see such things in Indian movies only. But the normal people who visit Lujan Zoo are left with thrilling experience of seeing and being with wild animals very closely, no more words to make you believe, I will show you a video


So do you believe it now? yes you must believe because " SEEING IS BELIEVING" and now are you wondering how come these wild animals behave so soft and nice ? When enquired with the Lujan ZOO Authorities they said, from childhood they were trained to be soft and nice and they are feed with enough food so they never have to hurt others for the sake of food. Its is really amazing " Bringing up makes a big difference, I suppose We should give enough care in bringing up our children to mould them into great human beings

There are some rumours that the Lujan Zoo Authorities drug these animals, so that these wild animals remain dull and drowsy and will not attack the visitors of the zoo, But that is not the case because an enquiry commission of wild life authorities have mentioned that zoo authorities are not drugging the animals. 

Interested and like to visit this amazing Lujan Zoo in Argentina, checkout the map 

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