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harlem shake video, the next Gangnam style !

Gangnam style which has become a massive hit in the recent days but way back in 2011 lot of craze was there for Harlem shake,  Harlem shake is a dancing style in which one person who is in a mask surrounded by a group of people keeps dancing to the tune for first 15 seconds and when the bass suddenly drops, all the people (who does not pay attention initially) who are surrounding the dancer suddenly starts dancing to the tune with high energy levels. 

In 2011 February people were uploading as many as 3000 harlem shake parody videos per day. But slowly what happened is the people uploading harlem shake parody videos were crossing the limits by uploading harlem shake version in which dancers were just having minimal clothing etc. 


Harlem shake had really become popular when large groups of people start doing memes of harlem shake and uploading to youtube subsequently this had happened to an extent that on feb 22, 2011 around 70,000 people danced to harlem shake at Tel avviv  (Israel ) on an ocassion of street party
I know you will love to watch the top harlem shake videos,,

Top 10 Harlem Shake videos

That's really crazy, recently gangnam style and some time ago planking game had driven people really crazy. it is worth noting anything which is followed by majority becomes a sensation. 

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