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How to block ads on Iphone while using broadband

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are devices that enjoy an immensely high popularity graph across the globe. With every new model launched, the performance graph of these models rises even higher and boxes after boxes are sold off the shelves in a short time. Often, the retailers have to ask for more units of the devices in order to fulfil the demands of the customers who line up to buy them. Obviously, the reputation and prestige which Apple holds worldwide because of its quality has a major part to play in this regard.

Notable Features
The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are incredible in every aspect from their surface right down to the components inside. All devices feature an incredible HD capable or Retina display screen that is embedded in the classiest of casings. The inner hardware is based on the latest technology and the same can be said of the operating system. All this makes them a really a good choice whether you want to use them at home, school or at work. 

Offered Plans and Packages
There are many operator and mobile broadband plans available for Apple’s products. All of them vary in the details and the price is also different for each one. The iPhone and iPad can be connected to cellular networks, but an iPod Touch can only be connected to Wi-Fi networks. Be sure to consider your options carefully because this is where most of the costs are incurred.

Whatever plan you choose, you should know that an iPad features connectivity to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA/HSPA+ networks. An iPhone offers connectivity to the same networks in addition to GPS.  On the other hand, an iPod Touch can connect only to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. These specs are true only for the latest versions.

The App Store
If you can connect to the internet, you can use the App Store to download plenty of applications. The applications range from educational to business-based so that does mean plenty of choices and categories. Whether you want to play an exciting game or get some office work done, you are sure to find an app that will cater to your needs in the most efficient of ways.

Highlighting the Subtle Issue
Apple literally offers thousands of apps and you can download any one of them. The only issue is that unless you agree to pay a price, the free versions of the app will show pop up ads every now and then. While this can be really annoying at times, there are still some ways with which you can prevent this.

Removing the Ads
Probably the best way to remove ads on your Apple device is to use it in Airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi. This little trick will remove most of the advertisements that pop up in games and other free apps. Here is what you will have to do if you own an iPhone or iPad.

1.Go to the Settings Menu.
2.Tap on Airplane mode, and switch it on.

If your device can connect to Wi-Fi network, you must also do the following.
1.Once again go to the Settings Menu.
2.Tap on Wi-Fi in the sidebar, and then switch it off.

You can turn the Wi-Fi on using the same process if you need to connect to the network again.

There are other methods as well but these are complex and require installation of additional software packages or plug-ins.

Behind the Trick
The trick may seem simple enough but it still works wonderfully. The ads that are displayed in the apps are seen because they are transferred onto your device by remote servers dedicated to this task. If you switch off communication with the internet world, the apps fail in communicating with these servers, and thus do not display the ads anymore.   

The Bottom Line
Try this little simple trick, and you really will not be disappointed with the results. While user experience is already pretty remarkable on Apple’s products, this little tip will make it all the more better.

Author’s Bio
Rosette works for a broadband company . Due to her skills and expertise, the organization has succeeded in reaching greater heights than ever before. 

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