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Romantic Valentines Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Valentines Day comes every year on February 14th routinely, But the gifts you give your girl friend cannot be routine, Just gift her something which may thrill her . Of course to impress the girl of my life i have searched for good gifts for Valentines Day and found some interesting ones which I would like to share with you.

Love Potions
Unique quality of this finger paints is that, You can use them for body painting, you may write just I love you on her back portion or just draw a love symbol below her neck , Don't think the story just ends there, The most amazing part about love potions is they are edible, you can taste the paint too,, that's a spicy idea,, what do you think,, I believe this love potions make up for a great naughty gift for the couples who are already in love.  You may purchase this Lovepotions from excitinglives . Not recommended, if you are yet to propose your love to her haha

Intimate Card Game
All of us play cards, whats a big deal!, How does this make a good gift for her ? is that your question? i know you will ask me, But I am taking about playing cards which does not have a joker, spate ,diamond or jake. in fact this cards contain naughty activities, fantasies etc and the one who picks the card should follow the naughty instructions written on back of the card. I know you will like to try this intimate card game with your valentine  !!

Sexy Truth or dare
This is also a thrill game, which contains a box of 50 sticks, this sticks on opening contains Sexy truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other side. So this can be tried if you are looking to re-ignite your love life and make it more naughty and thrilling

Gifting Her Jewellery is always in fashion
Yeah Gift her Jewellery, designer, gold or artificial because women love getting ornaments as gifts from their boyfriend or husband. gift her a necklace, locket or just earrings and be sure to get a surprise from her in return!! haha. I have found this locket from amazon pretty, On this Love locket you can see I love you with a pink colour rose, that makes it romantic and you can open the locket and have two photos inside. 

Gift Her a Perfume
Gifting perfume to a girl is absolutely fine and impressive, women are sensitive to fragrances, so it is used to flowers to impress them once upon a time and fragrances now, I strongly recommend getting her fragrance from a online shop like amazon

Write a Poem or paint a picture
If you are a poet or a painter, using your brush or pen can make a great gift instead of buying something from outside. sharpen your pencil and draw a portrait of your marriage pic or a pic of her with a teddy or a pet she likes. Or else writing a romantic poetry to praise her beauty and appreciate her love or describe how much you love her can be a a great surprise for your valentine

Plan a Surprise trip on Valentines day
Plan a Surprise trip, Surprise her with a trip to a hill station or a destination of her longtime desire can make a ultimate gift add one more thing like gold or any object of her desire to make her thrilled

Gift Her a Pepper Spray
Don't think Pepper Spray is also something like body spray, No, Absolutely not. Peppersprays are women security sprays which are commonly used in western countries, When anyone attacks your girl she can use the spray on the rapists face so that their vision gets blocked and eventually loose there senses, Giving your girl the time to run away. You may see more information about Pepper sprays or Buy her a Pepper Spray from Amazon at less than rs 1000

Gift her some romantic novels
Is your girl bookworm? Then what can be a better idea than gifting her some Romantic Novels like PS I Love , Where Rainbow ends or The Gift. All this three are wrapped in as a gift hamper and being sold by flipkart. You may gift this combination of books for her this valentines day

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