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Upcoming camera gadgets in 2013

Every year promises its own set of hot and cool inventions and products in the domain of gadgets and gizmos. Similarly, the year 2013 also brings in a couple of interesting gadgets for technology freaks and enthusiasts. If you talk about camera gadgets, you have a number of surprises coming into this year. In fact, the full and part-time photographers, photography hobbyists and students can rejoice over a number of new and nifty camera gadgets coming this year. All these camera gadgets and accessories can give a new edge to your photos. Let’s go through the list of some of the most gripping upcoming camera gadgets of 2013, which are going to mesmerize in this year. There are various most expensive cameras are also available in the market for better Photography

The 45mm 2D/ 3D Camera Lens from Samsung
Generally for shooting the three dimensional pictures and videos, you need at least two lenses or a pair of cameras. However, Samsung this year seems to have borrowed the tech idea from its own shutter three dimensional glasses to conceive a more competent kind of solution. You could therefore click 1080pixel videos at 60FPS using these lenses. The TwoLCD shutters found inside the lens simply open and close in an alternating way giving you 1080 pixel three dimensional videos at 30 FPS. The visitors at CES 2013 simply found it awesome. The striking feature of this camera lens is that you could even turn off the three dimensional feature, which come along with a full featured 45 mm two dimensional lens. This therefore makes it unique and novel lenses in the world of camera gadgets.

samsung nx20

The EOS M Interchangable Lens Compact System from Canon
For the professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, this camera gadget from the big brand called Canon gives them a combination of high quality DSLR functions in a most neat and clean compact size. Its body simply looks like a point and shoot; however, you could find a set of interchangeable lens, which helps in sticking out among the various competitors. This is among the cutest camera gadget from Canon, which cost you, around 800 dollars at the retail stores.

Leica M 2013 Model
Leica is a popular camera manufacturing company based in Germany, which has been leading in the sector of black and white photography. It has the history of producing a huge range of colorless shooters. This year, the company is all set to bring out the M model, which will carry company’s debut- 24MP Max CMOS image sensors. These sensors are competent to capture some of the most sensitive images, which range between 200 – 6,400 ISO. This camera gadget gives you the power of shooting 1080 P HD at 25 P frame rate, which could be even mounted by Legacy R glass from Leica carrying a separate adapter.

AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller from Panasonic
For the first time Panasonic System Communications a company based in United States has embarked with a camera system controller, which is capable of controlling the cameras through serial and IP connections. The AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller comes with great amount of innovation features like the group presets meant for easy and quick scene changes, direct panel control, detail settings, pedestal, SD memory storage management, etc. The most compelling features of AW-RP120 include applications that encompass Houses of Worship, broadcasting, education, rental or staging etc. It is compatible to several camera models and other convertible cameras when you use them with relevant tilt or pan heads.

Final word
The year 2013 would be seen with a number of surprises for the photographers and hobbyists especially when you talk about gadgets and gizmos in the photography camera world. All you need to do is to wait for its launch and get them to give a meaning to your photography skills and pictures.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, reading and traveling. She contributes for bornrich.

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