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A TV With 16 Times Better Resolution Than HDTV

Today I am talking about a TV with 16 Times Resolution of HDTVSay goodbye to HDTV because UHDTV is here. The next generation television set takes everything to a bigger scale by introducing features that were unheard of until now. With changing technology new inventions are being made. The new television has buyers lined up. This new device by Japanese engineers promises to be the grandest we have seen up till now.Explained below are some amazing features of this killer on which you can enjoy channels from around the globe.         

1.  Huge Display of 85 inches
The prototype has a massive 85 inches screen. There is no denying that the experience will be incredible on screen that big. The television set will undoubtedly need a lot of space to fit in.

2.  Gradation
The new television set offers gradation 10 bits for each RGB color, which means the color variation will be perfect with no bleaks in picture or anything that makes it look bad.

3.  Brighter
Touching new heights is this television with brightness settings of 300 CD/m2. This news already has television fanatics excited as they await the technology to become easily accessible to the general public.

4.  33MP Display
The most incredible thing about this television is of course its display that brings action live in your TV lounge. The makers have developed an astounding 33MP display taking it on another level altogether. Once you look at the amazing screen this television has to offer you would not like to watch television anywhere else.

5.  Improved Resolution
The UHDTV also introduces better resolutions of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels, higher than any other television. This means the screen will be crystal clear with no worries of image getting distorted on such a big screen. Viewers will enjoy crystal clear picture of their favorite shows or events.

6.  Clear Picture
What looked like a distant dream today is now a reality. One does not have to go out to a cinema to enjoy their favorite movies in high quality because with this television high quality videos can be watched with no hurdle.

7.  More Fun
Overall, this television set will improve one’s television watching experience by offering the best of all the worlds. This television set will not only substitute for regular HDTVs but also for home theatres and other such systems because it offers everything in one.

8.   Better Sound
More emphasis is definitely on the picture quality; however, there is no denying that the sound must have also been improved. Experts are of the view that the makers are slowly playing their cards by not unveiling all the features at once.

9.  Amazing Experience
Experience television like you have never experienced before. At the event launched to announce this set people were left gob smacked looking at the great experience this set offers. It will take a few years before this beauty becomes available in the market. However, once it does it will definitely sweep everyone off their feet.

10.  More on The Way
It is expected that the television set will announce some more striking features in the near future. Many predict that some UHDTV only games may also come out that will offer graphics like never before.

These are the top ten amazing features of the new television set. With this one will be able to enjoy insanely high quality images and videos without any trouble. Such things will be seen in their true quality without any compromise thanks to this. Earlier one had to resort to using projectors and other such tools to enhance quality.

However, this television set brings the best as it uses new technology to offer a never before seen experience. This is definitely the future on which people will be enjoying all channels including satellite channels. See a list of Dish Latino channels at Latino Satelite to know more about channels that might soon be available on it.

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"Rosette is a self confessed technology freak who loves to know about all the latest happenings in the technological world. In her free time she also likes to enjoy television through Latino Satelite. She recommends to see a list of Dish Latino channels at Latino Satelite for information on channels it offer"

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