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Rolls Royce, The Car You can't Buy with Money!

Do you know about the worlds costliest car ? I Don't even know , I have read somewhere that there are cars worth 2-3 crore dollars, But Did you know about a car which you cannot buy with money ! Yeah it is true don't be surprised, To Get this Car having money is not just enough, This car company sells cars only to the customers they like and no one else, And this car is Rolls Royce.

The story is Rolls Royce,The Luxury Car maker located in Good Wood UK does not sell car to anyone who can buy, Rolls Royce sells their cars only to the customers they like, This Car maker has a  process to see if the Applicant can really be honoured with a Rolls Royce, Generally they offer their cars to celebrities,Businessmen and Other Famous personalities. You have to earn a Rolls Royce you can't buy one, There is no surprise saying You can't Buy a Rolls Royce just with money!!

What is so special About Rolls Royce?
Greatness of Rolls Royce is that. it is ultra comfortable which offer high degree of luxury, it  is uses a V12 Direct Injection engine with 8 speed gear box and interiors customized as per the requirements of the owner which are made using the latest technology and expert craftsmen making it a combination of technology and craft work, You can see this video to believe how carefully a Rolls Royce is made

How a Rolls Royce is Made ? ( Video)

Owners of Rolls Royce in India
In India very few people own a Rolls Royce Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Manyata Dutt (Wife of Sanjay Dutt), South Indian Star Vijay, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya Of course a Barber turned Businessman Ramesh Babu also owns a Rolls Royce But Mallika Sherawat Could not own one as Rolls Royce denied to sell one to her 

Rolls Royce has recently come to Hyderabad, Apart from Hyderabad Rolls Royce is in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, This is good sign that this luxury car maker is interested in India. 

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