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Nokia Lumia 620 price reivew features

Do you just randomly buy a phone always and regret for getting it later? Why to just spend money without knowing its worth? Let us now have all the information required. 

If Nokia Lumia 620 is the phone your planning to buy this time then here is a fool proof review about the phone which will let u know it’s worth as well as all the functionalities and features.

Nokia till date has been one among the best manufacturers of phones; it has been one of the vast manufacturers in the world. It has always produced phones with excellent features and specialties Nokia Lumia 620 is one such phone which is within the budget of a common man as well as fits in with present generation mobile phones.

Design, Display & Memory

Nokia Lumia 620 is designed with a polycarbonate panel which looks and feels hard but weighs less than about 130g. 

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a 3.8 inch long and wide display phone with a screen resolution of about 800*480 megapixels with Clear Black technology which gives a crystal clear display.

Nokia Lumia 620 lets you take a pleasure changeable panels which are available in various radiant colours.

This phone is also stylish and classy in its looks which might be another adding factor to your personality. White, Cyan , Magenta and Green are the various colour options provided

The name is imprinted with black and the headphone, USB and the volume controls in black.

Though the phone provides only 8 GB of internal memory it has been generous in providing an expandable memory of about a scintillating 64 GB and a micro SD card.

Processor, Battery & Camera

•The Nokia Lumia 620 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU bombarding 1.0 GHz and favored by 512 MB RAM.

•When coming to the apps being supported the phone might be a little languid but when it comes to emailing or downloading or sending attachments it can be done with a great ease.

•When compared with the Nokia Lumia 920 the battery backup of Nokia Lumia 620 is a little debilitated but promises a backup of 5 hours on heavy use. 

•For making your battery stay alive for a longer while a battery saver option is installed by turning off all the apps and signing out your email accounts.

•Nokia has made advancements in the features of the camera in the Lumia range of mobiles and is continuing the same in the Nokia Lumia 620 which boasts a rear camera having 5 megapixels which is advance than the cameras of phones in this budget.

•A feature of panorama and photo beam has been supported by the Nokia Lumia 620. A front VGA camera is also fitted for enabling video calling which is another feature that makes you look forward for.

Nokia has perked a Nokia music app on the phone which lets you explore and download through 17 million songs without signing up or any other formalities. You just have to open the app search for the music you’re looking for and take the pleasure of it.

Audio & Software

•A virtuous Audio package is provided in Nokia Lumia 620 with a Dolby sound quality and a graphic equalizer which will give you HD sound for calls and any recording or audio notes.

•Microsoft services are installed in the Nokia Lumia 620 including Internet Explorer, Skype Office and SkyDrive. Nokia has also worked on with the navigation and GPS and also has made wireless  sharing of data easier, but a thing in which the Nokia Lumia 620 lacks behind is it does not use the apps from the Google android operating system.

One thing for which you will look forward for is the Nokia Lumia 620 price which is about Rs 13,000 . This is a pretty decent price for a phone with so many upholding features and is funky and classy in looks which will make the young generation go gaga over.

The Nokia Lumia 620 lacks behind in a few services like Instagram and a few more apps but when compared to the other phones in market in this budget, the Nokia Lumia 620 might just be the best choice.

As you now know the better review about the Nokia Lumia 620 you can make your decision depending on whether it is worth buying.


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