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Android Applications to protect from Rape

Delhi Rape incident has shacked the country, in fact has grabbed global attention. People from all the sectors irrespective of caste, creed, age and nationality responded and all joined the hands to fight this evil called rape, in connection with this Software people joined hands and developed Android Applications which can be installed on smart phones of girls and women which could rescue them when they are in danger. Here are few Android Applications to fight against rape

This Android App is simple yet very powerful Android Application by designed three software guys from Nashik, This App can protect single women in troublesome situations, You need to just press the start button of this widget will send a message to one number and a voice call is placed to the other number and also your location with google map link will be sent as sms to the preset numbers. This way it alerts and informs your dear ones so that they can reach you in case of urgency. 

You need to install the ME AGAINST RAPE Android Application on your Android phone and set two mobile numbers (which will be contacted in case of urgency) and enable settings related to network provider so that it gathers information relating to your location etc. 

Fight Back App
Fight Back app is also a great Application launched by Whypoll, This is also a simple Application works on Android phones, nokia phones and other smart phones. When you are in danger this app sends information about you using gps, sms, location maps, gprs, email and facebook account to alert your friends and also sends a 5 messages, 5 emails and notifies all your facebook friends, that is a big plus.

This App is supposed to be started when you have started a journey and you r location will get recorded  and when you have a doubt of being attacked you can click the panic button, you can even cancel the request within 5 seconds (good option) , you can download the fightback app but there are nominal usage charges of Rs 100 per year. 

Eye watch 
Eyewatch is also a simple App designed for protecting women in danger. With a single click your friends, family and control room are alerted to help you reach home safely. You may download this App from Eye Watch official website or from Google Play

BSafe Android App
BSafe is android application not completely free because you have to pay in-order to use the premium version which offers more functionalities. As soon as you press the panic button it sends messages to 3 gaurdians preset by you along with the location, in-order to send the messages to unlimited people you need to pay $15 a year to get the BSafe Premium App

Apart from all the above most of the mobiles have SOS Feature which can be activated as per the instructions given, usually to find this you need to see your messages section. This feature also works the same way but the limitation is this feature cannot locate you

Apart from all these things, it is very important that women to be alert and cautious while they are alone and try to be brave and thoughtful because rapists feel offended and will be discouraged as you start fighting with them, Because getting you is tough. so don't loose your braveness.

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