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See How Your Beauty cosmetics May Harm You

Beauty cosmetics can often cause negative repercussions It is no myth but a true fact. There are beauty products that can disrupt hormones, trigger allergies, or even cause some serious diseases. Several notable scientists have conducted research on these beauty cosmetic products. After the research concluded, it was found out that several cosmetics contain a certain harmful chemical that can easily pass through the skin and reach the internal organs and bloodstream. If the chemical is allergic, then skin problems are more likely to happen once these gets absorbed.

Talc is one of the most well-known ingredients found commonly in makeup and skin care products, food, medicine, etc. Talc can be defined as a certain type of mineral that gets produced through talc rock mining and then processed via the method of crushing, drying, and finally milling. It is the processing that results in eliminating several trace minerals available in talc. However, it does not able to separate the minute fibers present in there. These minute fibers are very similar to asbestos and can cause real irritation if absorbed by the human skin. Wait, there are several other dangers that can caused due to talc. Researches have concluded the fact that talc absorption may result in growth of malignant tumor in lungs and ovaries. So, it is always best to stay away from talc and look for other alternatives like cornstarch, rice powder, and mineral powders. Rice powder has very good amount of oil absorption power.

Eye shadows are said to contain coal tar. This tar is said to cause cancer. Not only eye shadows but lipsticks and nail polishes are also said to contain coal tar. Their presence can cause several irritation and allergic reaction to the skin. Lipsticks are said to contain very high level of artificial colors. These colors are created from coal tar derivatives. Naturally, they cause serious allergic reactions. There are some beauty products that contain Nitrosamine. This is most commonly found in foundations and makeup packs. Increased amount of Nitrosamine can increases the chances of cancer cell formation in human bodies.Another chemical found very commonly in beauty products and cosmetics like makeup, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, moisturizer, etc is Formaldehyde. Excess amount of Formaldehyde can cause asthma, allergies, and migraine problems in individuals.

There are some more chemicals to avoid like paraben and propylene glycol. In fact, parabens are used these days in most of the skin care products. But recent survey have concluded the fact that excess parabens can result in breast cancer as well male reproductive problems. Similarly, Propylene glycol is a type of alcohol. It is obtained from synthetic products like petroleum. It can also be obtained naturally from corn. It's presene can cause some serious damage to the kidney and liver of human beings. The worst situations can experience a serious damage to the cell membranes.


The question is: why beauty product manufacturing companies use these type of harmful ingredients in making the products? The answer may well shock you. The beauty cosmetic industry is not strict enough when compared to the food and drugs industry. There are not much restrictions to face. So, they are some companies which deal with negligence while manufacturing beauty products. Also, these chemical ingredients are cheaper when compared to the natural counterparts. This results in achieving higher profits in terms of sales-manufacturing ratio. These days there is a most popular strategy of labelling their products as herbal  thought they do not contain real herbs in them. So be aware

It is suggested that, One should do a self check before using these type of cosmetics, It is very difficult to even imagine a world without cosmetics, But our suggestion is to lessen use of cosmetics and try looking out for alternate home made cosmetics or organic and herbal cosmetics. 

About The Author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes for Ricky Sinclair 

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