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Cheif Guest For Republic Day of India 2013

For Republic Day Celebrations held Every Year in Delhi , We  have a tradition of inviting Head of state or government of other countries as Chief Guests, This year Indian Government is welcoming Sultanate of Oman " Quaboos bin Said Al Said " It is for the first time Our Indian Government has invited an ambassador form Oman, In the past King Abdullah has been invited from Saudi Arabia. This is the second time a Ambassador from Gulf Countries is visiting India

Till date Government Officials of France were invited most no of times (4times) to be Chief Guest For Republic Day in India, It is worth noting we have invited Pakistan 2 times and The people who ruled us, i.e United Kingdom 2 times and Government Official from Mexico, USA was invited once. Nelson Mandela was the Chief Guest for the year 1995.

Last Year The Chief Guest for Republic Day was Yingluck Shinwatra , The Youngest Lady Prime minister of Thailand. This Year's Chief Guest Quaboos has great interest in Classical Music and He has a personal Orchestra team of 120 members which has a great reputation in the middle east. One more interesting thing is He has been in India before for his secondary school studies in Pune. He was in India , England and in Germany, Had Served in German Army for an year. Quaboos has got good reputation for removing several strict regulations imposed by his Father due to which so many people were just leaving Oman. 

Quaboos bin Said Al Said was born on 23 rd July 1970 to Father Said Bin Taimur and  Mother Mazoon Al Mahsani, One notable thing is he is married once  and divorced after that he has preferred to be single. He has a Daughter named Sayyidah. 

Every Year President of India Invites the Chief Guest for Republic Day Celebrations being Held in Delhi, The Chief Guests are decided based on political strategy,i.e to develop relations for mutual benefits. 

Let us all welcome Sultanate of Oman for this republic day 

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