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Forgot cancelling your train ticket, File a TDR

Did you know that you can cancel your train ticket even after departure, and let me say it loud you can cancel your train ticket within 30 days after the date of journey. It happens sometimes when we schedule to cancel our train ticket 3 days before the journey and just forget it to cancel it on time.. and just react " OOOHH NNOOO"" . But IRCTC allows you to get a partial or full refund based on IRCTC Standard norms

You may think why will railway give you a refund, if you have not cancelled the train ticket though you may not have travelled . But it is possible that T.T.E can allot the vacant berth to some one else, so railways is not at loss and hence they provide a refund in this case. 

If you have forget or not being able to cancel the ticket before departure of train, You can file a T.D.R with IRCTC and mention the  reason for filing this TDR, Dont get worried Filing TDR is a very easy process and can be done just in 30 seconds

When can you file a TDR ?

1) Passenger Not Travelled 
If you have not travelled and could not cancel the ticket before departure of train, You can claim a tdr . 

2)Train Running Late by more than 3 hrs
In case your train is running late by more than 3 hrs, your purpose may not be solved or you may not be able to catch the connecting train, in this case also you can file a tdr . in this case you can expect a full refund if you have ticket which is either confirm, rac or even waiting. 

you may claim it within 
3hrs if the distance is less than 200 kms
6 hours for distance 200-500 kms
12 hrs for distance more than 500 kms

3) Travelled without proper ID proof
Yes you heard it right, it may seem like a offence but you are allowed to file a tdr, refund percentage will depend on irctc rules

4) Party Partially travelled
In some cases you may have to get down in the middle of the journey, a phone call or a friend you meet in the train haha!!

5)Train Cancelled by Railways
This seems to be a valid cause for not travelling and not cancelling the train ticket before departure. So you can file a tdr in this case also you will be entitled to full refund.

6) AC Failure
In case of AC Failure also you may file a tdr and the fare difference will be granted.

How to File a TDR ?

1) login to
2) on the left hand menu you can see My transactions, click on My transactions.
3) menu will expand you will see File TDR, Click on File TDR.
4) You will be able to see only the pnrs of tickets whose date of journey is less than 3O days will be listed, you very well know that you can file a tdr only after journey date and with in 30 days from that time. just select the pnr and click file TDR
5)Then a new window will open asking the reason for filing tdr, just click the right option be honest.


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