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How To Get Rid Off Dandruff forever ?

Dandruff is one common problem whole world has been facing from longtime, Dandruff even leads to hair loss and more serious diseases like psoriasis and other skin diseases, So it is important that we prevent dandruff in the early stage itself, In this busy busy life we have very less time to care about ourselves, It is important that you don't neglect dandruff, Here we let you know everything about dandruff like how is it caused, how to prevent and how to get rid off dandruff ?


1.Over Active Oil Glands, More common in teenagers
    2. People with Oily skin are more prone to Dandruff
      3. Exposure to Dust is one of the major cause, avoid getting exposed to dust.
        4. People who spends more time in sun gets exposed to UV rays
          5. Emotional Stress also promotes growth of dandruff
            6. Dandruff becomes more severe in winter
              7. infrequent washing or shampooing, ensure you wash your hair regularly.
                8. poor hygiene of scalp leads to dandruff
                  9. Excessive sweating leads to improper hygiene and oily scalp

                    How to Get Rid off Dandruff?


                    1. Frequent washing of hair, i.e whenever required, most of us have a habit of washing hair weekly twice or thrice, it is recommended to keep your hair very clean, This one tip almost eliminates dandruff in about 70% of the people forever

                    2. Most of us use Anti Dandruff Shampoos, But most of them are not effective, I personally recommend using Herbal shampoos, For me Sesa " Herbal Hair soap " helped get rid off dandruff so fastly, You can try it and see if it works for you or else choose any herbal product.

                    3. See if you can manage to prevent some or all of the causes which lead to dandruff
                    4. Regular combing of hair also helps fighting dandruff and improves blood circulation to your scalp

                    5. One proven home remedy to get rid off dandruff is applying Luke warm Olive oil or sesame oil to your scalp before sleeping in the night and applying lemon juice to your scalp one hour prior to bathing the next day in the morning

                    6. Use herbal hair oils or pure coconut oil is beneficial

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