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5 star ac, 3 star refrigerator what does this star rating mean

Now a days we come across these star ratings often, Particularly when you are purchasing an Air conditioner, Refrigerator or any other home electronic appliances, We all very well know that a star rated Electronic Appliances are good at saving power, But most of us do not exactly know how does these stars impact our power consumption and electricity bill and most of us have questions like 3 star or 5 star what should I go for ? Let us see answer for these questions below

As per Beaurau of Energy Efficiency, India Power consumption for different star rating is different you may refer the statistics below, Here we are discussing for Ac's and Refrigerators because they consume electricity very much compared to other Appliances

If we assume no star rated Air Conditioner consumes  - 100 units, See how will the star rated AC'S Consume 

1 star - 95 units  (5% savings)
2 star - 88 units  (12% savings)
3 star - 81 units  (19% savings)
4 star - 76 units  (24% savings)
5 star - 71 units  (29% savings)

If we assume no star rated Refrigerator consumes - 1100 units per Year , See how will the star rated Refrigerators consume ?

1 star - 977 units  (12% savings)
2 star - 782 units  (29% savings)
3 star - 626 units  (44% savings)
4 star - 501 units  (55% savings)
5 star - 400 units  (64% savings)

Above figures indicate Star rated Refrigerators are really conservative, where a 5 Star Refrigerator can save up to 64 percent while 5 star AC can save up to 29%

Readitt suggests going for a Star Rated Home Appliance because in some cases cost of the appliance is recovered in 2 years of time even


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