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5 Reasons Why Your computer is Dead Slow ?

I remember when I purchased my Laptop Dell Inspiron 1525  4 years ago and I was really impressed with it' s performance and speed with a nice configuration, But slowly my laptop was getting slow and was responding really late but I never tried to study the real cause and resolve it instead, I was just doing a google search and just carrying on temporarily. But now I understand there are few things which can make our laptop Computers and Desktop Pc's really slow.  Here are five mistakes you should not make, which makes your computer dead slow.

Don't install  and Keep Softwares unless they are really needed 
Installing softwares unnecessarily or keeping softwares which are not in use, Most of us like to try new softwares, But after trying if we find them not useful we still don't uninstall those softwares, It is always advisable to uninstall and remove the software which are not in use. 

Use Customize Option whenever You install a new software 
In recent days software companies which provide free softwares generally by default tick the options like launch on windows log on, make your default browser and additional tool bars like weather, radio etc  all these will consume your Internet bandwidth and also keeps your CPU engaged which can also be a contributing factor to slowing down of your computer 

Remember to delete all temporary internet files
Whenever you access Internet some temporary files are created and stored on your computer memory to enable you browse the Internet, so it is necessary that you remember to delete the temporary Internet files regularly, you may do this by going to history tab on your browsers or installing a cc cleaner and run it twice a week.

Badly maintained drives 
We keep downloading and storing files on your computer regularly as most of us are really bad at housekeeping and we may not know we are also bad at poor housekeeping of our computer drives also , So it is necessary to defragment your C, drive and clean disk space on  other Drives ( D, E or F) also, to defragment you need to right click on drive and see properties and go to tools and you will find defragment option 

More Files on your Desktop 
This is the most damaging thing we all commonly do because the files we store on desktop consume memory on your c drive which makes it less efficient, so ensure that you keep very less files on  C Drive and Desktop.

Hope we could help you improving your computer speed, and friends you are welcome to add to my list through your comments

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