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Top 10 Places to visit in USA

United States of America is a place full of different cities and tourist attractions, it is very hard to list down the top ten places of USA  for visiting as all the locations are very popular for their amazing beauty. Here the ten most favored places of USA

1.      Los Angeles:  The main attraction spot for the visitors as Los Angeles is popular for its international celebrities, Hollywood style, etc. The place is also known for its beautiful Pacific Ocean location, it’s a must place to visit and explore the famous beaches like Malibu or Santa Monica.

2.      New York City: It is also known as the ‘Big Apple’ and is the most famous city of USA. It is maximum visited by the tourists throughout the year and is a hub for American icons like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

3.      Chicago: It is popular as the "Second City," as it is second after New York in terms of both size and population. The main attractions here are the skyline, museums, restaurants, shopping, etc.

4.      Washington, DC: It is the capital city which is famous for its museums and monuments, all these areas are free to visit and are liked by both national and international visitors.

6.      San Francisco: Known by its red rafters presented on the Golden Gate Bridge, this city on the San Francisco Bay is popular for its welcoming neighborhoods. It is the best place for nature lovers, as there are trips organized for visit to vineyard estates in Napa Valley.

7.      Yellowstone National Park:  It is world’s first national park; millions of tourists come to this place every year. The scenic beauty of this place is beyond comparison and the waterfalls adds pinch of magic in this place

      Las Vegas: Popular for its casinos, bars and larger than life nightlife, the place is popular among the youngsters, tourists come here to try their luck in the famous casinos and make this city the best desert oasis.

        Grand Canyon: It is the most popular U.S. National Park, located in the state of Arizona. It is an unbelievable geological place spread over 200 miles, the canyon is a very deep valley created by the Colorado River. This was made in over thousands of years.

9.      New Orleans: The place full of festivals, fun and music. Popular for its biggest parties and Jazz music, this place is a hub for musicians and music lovers.

10.  Florida: A place full of beautiful beaches and the Latino culture. It is mostly liked by families with kids as there are many theme parks as well as Disneyland, which is enjoyed by the kids a lot.

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