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Laughter day 2012 funny sms jokes

Today is the Worlds Laughter Day, You will be amazed to know that the Laughter Day is founded by Doctor Madan Kataria in 1998 who is also the founder of World wide Laughter Yoga Movement , Laughter Day is celebrated world wide on 6 th May . Laughter makes life healthy and Beautiful as a result so many Laughter clubs have been put up in India . Laughter club started by Madan Kataria is now widely spread among 70 countries and 8000 Laughter Clubs

" Laughing is Health & Laughing is wealth" 

Today it will be jokes and jokes all the time. To make you laugh we are sharing some funny jokes you may share on sms or email

Wish you a Happy Laughter Day

Will you punish me for something

Little Johny : Maam will you punish me for something which I Didn't Do?

Teacher : Not at All Johnny

Little Johnny : That's good , Actually I did not do my Home work

Height of craziness ? Women and Make up

Boy : Where are you Going

Girl : For Suicide ..

Boy : Then why so much make up ?

Girl : Stupid !  Tomorrow my photo will come in newspaper

SMS to God

New Born Baby : Nurse can you give your Cell phone ?

Nurse : Why ?

New Born Baby : I have to send sms to god " I have Reached Safely "

Doctor and Engineer Loves the same girl

Doctor  used to give the girl a red rose every day

Engineer used to give her a Red coloured Apple

Doctor asks ? why 

Engineer say  " Apple a day keeps Doctor away "

Doctor shocks and Engineer Rocks

Seeing a Cockroach

Seeing a cockroach in a pizza is not a problem,

But seeing only half part of the cockroach  in your pizza can surely be a problem


When you tell your wife that you saw a lady on the street who looked exactly like her

 She asks " Was She Hot ? "

what will you say ,, yes or no ,,  hahahha

I Don't want to go to school 

Son : I don't want to go to school 

Mom : Why 

Son : I want to Work

Mom : What work will you do with UKG Knowledge

Son :Take Tution for LKG Girls  haha 

One Spelling Mistake can break your marriage 

One spelling mistake can destroy your life.

Husband sent a sms to her wife : " I am having a wondeful time wish you were her " 

her instead of here can destroy your life ,, what you say


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