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Lakme Bond Me and Kyra

That night I was sitting alone in Rishikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam, The waves were touching my feet and going away playing hide and seek with me, It reminded me of my girl friend Rita who dumped me a year ago for no reason from that day onwards I was searching for peace of mind but instead I have found a Lady's Hand bag in the beach. I opened the bag not so curiously and found the bag with cosmetics like Lakme sun expert, lakme fruit blast, Lakme Lipstick " Is this lady a Lakme Sales Representative"

I was searching for a clue about whom this hand bag should belong to and I have seen two bangles of old fashion (i thought she must be a elderly lady) a small pocket mirror on which it is written " Kyra - The Lakme Sunshine Girl " Ooh so this hand bag belongs to Kyra then I left for the house not thinking much about it. 

Next day in the morning, I thought of returning the hand bag to Kyra, and I have searched for more and more clues and I could not find any. feeling so bored and sucked , My car started heading towards the beach again,  I have just parked my car by the beach side and was watching a volley ball match being played by girls, it is interesting to see because the girls are good and more interesting is they are playing in hot sun at 11:00 am. I kept seeing the match and one girl is very actively playing and my eyes stuck at her and I kept watching her throughout the game and the game ended and they went away 

All the day I was just refreshing the glances I had  at the volleyball match. Next day in the morning, I was just riding my car by the beach side and I have seen her again she is on her honda activa, she stopped her bike by the fancy shop and went in to purchase something, I had followed her secretly and I could see, she was purchasing lakme sun expert and then I thought is she Kyra and I said myself " you stupid, how do you think any girl who purchases lakme sun expert is Kyra ? " Lakme is internationally reputed brand! I started following her. She is heading towards the residential area and the time is 10:30 in the morning and I wonder how this girl likes to be in the sun without a helmet or any covering. She noticed me following her but did not react much 

She stopped at a Apartment and went in after travelling for 15 minutes, and I was just outside and watching when she will comeback and to my surprise she is back in 15 minutes and she had changed her dress ( volley ball attire) and I thought OMG! What a Sunshine girl. she and her friend started on their honda activa and I followed them. I don't know why my heart is beating faster, I cursed myself for thinking about this girl too much even after having a bad experience but thoughts kept on rolling and I reached the volley ball spot at the beach.

her friend saw me with bit anger and was biting her ear telling about me, but she just smiled and turned away, I understood she had sensed that I am following them but my heart is winning over my brain and I was watching the game ,, no no I was watching her and I don't no if I am in love because I was standing in the sun at that time for 30 minutes, it was break time and soon the girl was heading towards me she came near to me saw me with the corner of her eye and took my right hand into her left hand and kept a lakme sun expert in my hands and told " If you want to be in sun for more time use sunscreen " I was just out of the shock and I felt great and thought she cares for me. soon the game was over and they were leaving, while leaving she was telling to her sharp 5:00 pm at pizza hut.That's interesting she was telling me OMG,, 

That afternoon I just saw the hand bag which I have got and thought is this girl Kyra ? I don't know why, But a strong feeling was hugging my heart that she is Kyra. With all these thoughts I got ready and headed towards pizza hut and she and her friend seated in one corner and soon taken a position where I can see her better, she noticed me and sent the waiter to me, waiter told Sir, Madam is calling you, then I was looking at her doubtingly then she waived her head as a sign of acceptance. 

My heart is jumping high and I went nearer she told me to sit. She asked " What would you like to have ? " cup of coffee and couple of words ! I replied she was looking at me with sparkling eyes, she is so beautiful man !! and the other girl just left saying bye I have to move now, leaving us in  privacy. She asked me what do you do and etc I told her about me and I asked her about her what is your good name ? I was waiting for the reply anxiously and  her mobile rang before answering my question, she picked up her phone from her bag and accidentally something fell down and I picked it up and it is a pocket mirror and the amazing thing is the words written on the mirror " Kyra the Sunshine Girl " I was speechless. she was talking on the phone and I could understand that she was talking about the bag she lost and was weeping saying " I am so stupid and careless I lost my bag which contained mom's bangles " whom she gave me before she died. Soon I called my driver and told to immediately come to pizza hut with that hand bag which is in my room.

she hanged up the phone saying sorry to me,

Me : What Happened ?
Kyra : I have lost my handbag few days ago, there are 2 bangles in it, I am very sentimental about those bangles as they are gifted by my mother and my mother is no more.
Me : I am really sorry 
Kyra : no mention 
Me   :  You have called me for a cup of coffee ! its  surprising for me.
Kyra  : Why are you following me
Me  :  I will tell you, give me 5 minutes
Kyra : why cant you tell now  
Me   : There are three reasons.
Kyra : What are those.
Me    : I liked you, you have a sparkling face.
Kyra  : one, what are the other two reasons
Me  : You are amazingly energetic..
Kyra : what is the third reason, 
By the time my driver came and i asked her excuse for a minute and went down and got the bag

I kept it before her saying " this is the third reason " she was just overwhelmed and was screaming with joy. she stood up and hugged me tightly.

She said in happiness  " I cannot forget, the help you did "  

Then I told, I did not tell you the actual reason, Kyra smiled at me and said I know it, paused for a while and said, lets meet at the volleyball court in the beach at 11:00 am. 

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