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Know How your Employer Monitors on you

Significance of employee monitoring applications
The employee monitoring applications are tools that equip the employers to supervise the employees’ work –stations from a single point. Increase technology has certainly reduce the time and labor required for any task, but it has created a definite need for watchdog mechanism. As employees are any company’s treasure throve upon which the organization thrive. But, if the credibility of employee got suspicious then you as an employer has to put the employee under scanner in company interest.  Typically, the monitoring applications are deployed over business network and monitoring is conduct through centralized network PC. Owing to security installation the busy life of employer has become easy for sure.
Though, employee monitoring is legal, but it does not make the exclusive right of the employers. As an employee, you must not give up your privacy to an extent. Suppose you as an employee browsing few sites on your favorite topic ‘how to reduce belly fat’ during the coffee break and your employer caught you red handed, so are you the defaulter who has flouted the company rule? Well, this could be a subject of debate.
  Many employers can argue that installation at workplace is their property and they have full right to monitor it even during the lunch breaks and coffee breaks. Moreover, the employee monitoring applications have made the employers quite powerful. Now they can break into employees’ inbox and read all e-mails. They can even check hard drives and cache memory to check against unwanted browsing. Moreover, they can block any program. Well in any case, owing to the power bestowed by the watchdog installation, employer must not forget the ethical and moral values. They must respect the privacy of the employee up to the extent that is morally correct.
The same goes in case of mobile surveillance. Yes, there are plenty of cell phone spy software available in the market which can gain you full access on employees’ text messages and call log. You can even retrieve the data from SIM card and Memory card in case of accidental or deliberate deletion from your employee side. This all is possible with spending few bucks from your pocket. Moreover, monitoring the data from external USB drives is also possible.
Undoubtedly, employee monitoring application has multiple advantages. Now you can watch employees’ assigned task related activities in real time. And, security mechanisms certainly create a fear in employees’ mind, so they will at least think twice before indulging in any activity which is against the company’s interest. Owing to fear that they can catch red handed, employees will concentrate more on designated task. Ultimately, their productivity will increase immensely. So as an employer point of view what possible could be a better reward for installing a watch dog mechanism.
 The ultimate goal of security installation either against net browsing or PC key stroking or cell phone monitoring should be done to crack down on any malicious activity. It should not be used for harassing the employee in any case. Remember, not all employees who care take your legitimate business interest are culprit, so do not resort to unacceptable privacy invasion. 

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