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Bariatric Surgery cost and complications

Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss surgery, weight loss is achieved by reducing size of the stomach by implanting a medical transplant or by removal of a portion of a stomach. Surveys say that after Bariatric surgery majority of the people reported long term weight loss , recovery from diabetes, less risk of cardiac arrest and life period increase by 15 %

Recent days due to lifestyle changes, Percentage of People suffering from Obesity is shooting up, Obesity is very high in Population of United States of America. People opting for surgeries are more, but it is necessary that one should know under what conditions a weight loss surgery is recommended

Who should undergo Bariatric Surgery ?

One who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater then 40
One who had undergone a diet program several times and failed
One who has a BMI > 40  and having diabetes 

If you have not tried a weight loss program, i.e a structured exercise program combined with diet then you should think about trying those first before you opt for bariatric surgery

See a video of how a Bariatric surgery is done

Having seen the surgery, it is important to know side effects and complications of Bariatric Surgery

20% of the people experienced bloating and diarrhea after eating
12% experienced leaks at surgical site
7% experienced gastric syndrome
6% experienced infections
4% experience pneumonia

Bariatric Surgery costs around Rs 8 lakhs in India

It is advisable to study the ifs and buts before you choose any weight loss program

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