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22 interesting tips to save petrol


Thanks to the petrol price hike by the government, Now a days I notice that I can see myself more often in the petrol filling stations, with due credit to people purchasing more number of Automobiles, India Inc growing rapidly, consumption of petrol has increased  rapidly leading to increase in petrol prices, we know it is difficult to controll the petrol prices, better try to find more ways  to save petrol


1) While starting up the car don't give warming time for engine, it is not necessary for the modern cars and instead drive in the first gear to let the engine warm up

2) Don't shift gears incorrectly , incorrect gear shifting  leads to increase in fuel consumption

3) Drive at a speed of 45 -55 km/hr , Experts say that you can save 40 % petrol driving at 40 km/hr compared to driving at 80 km/hr

4) keep your tyres properly inflated, maintain the pressure as mentioned by the Car manufacturer, less tyre pressure can cost you  10% more, it is advisable to check your tyre pressure for every 400 kms you travel

5) Use thinner tyres, thin tyres means less road resistance, less resistance means more mileage

6) Drive consciously keeping the traffic and obstacles in mind, so that you don't apply brakes often, less brakes means more saving

7) Air Filter should be cleaned regularly to avoid choking of engine 
and hence increasing the fuel efficiency

8) Most of us have a habit of keeping our foot on the clutch, but do remember the foot on the clutch wastes energy and even damages clutch lining

9) Off your Engine especially at traffic signals and other places where you are waiting outside the house , because idling the engine for 1 hour can burn 1 litre of petrol

10) Do not carry unnecessary load, loading your vehicle by 50 kg more means and increase in fuel consumption of 2%

11) Ensure Rubber seal of Fuel tank is not damaged in order to avoid spillage or leakage of petrol

12) Preplan your route before itself, so you can avoid an extra mile and you may find the shortest route

13) If you are office going person, you may plan to share your vehicle with 1 or 2 colleagues, this can reduce your petrol expenses to 1/2 or 1/3

14) Accelerate gradually, Don't accelerate strongly as this will lead to excess inflow of petrol into the engine, which is wasted.

15) Use Air conditioner only when required, AC consumes 10% of the fuel

16) Things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a car is going for a small car, checking the average of the car etc.

17) Don't fill your petrol while the underground petrol tank at the petrol station is being filled, because there are chances that the mud and dirt settled down the tank can come up and same will be filled in your car

18) Fill petrol in the early morning because density of the petrol increases with increase in temperature, Fill petrol when the temperature is less

19) Use public transport system wherever possible

20) Focus towards saving petrol, if you think about saving petrol you will find more ways to save petrol

21) pay your bills online, buy tickets online i.e do them online

22) call your friend and confirm his availability before you go to him


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