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Where to buy Apple IPad 2

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of interest surrounding Apple's new iPad. With the possible exception of the release of the iPhone 5 (due later this year), the launch of the new iPad will probably go down as the biggest gadget event of the year.

Millions of new iPads have been sold in many countries around the world. And yet for many the focus has returned to the 2nd generation iPad. Rather than being relegated to the scrap heap, the iPad 2 is in huge demand. Why? Well firstly it is $100 cheaper than it was before the new iPad came along. Users can get their hands on a 16GB 2nd generation iPad for $399.

apple ipad2

And those who are not particularly interested in the improved Retina display (the new iPad's main feature) are finding the iPad 2 offer rather appealing. Another reason for the continued popularity of the iPad 2 is the fact that almost all of the iPad apps are perfectly compatible with it. True, some new apps are being designed to take advantage of the new iPad's retina display. But the vast majority are equally effective and satisfying on the 2nd generation iPad. 

When you combine this with the fact that the older model is both lighter and thinner, it's not hard to see why it has retained its appeal. As a result, one question that seems to be on many people's mind is where to buy ipad 2 slates now that they have become more affordable. This is a good question, because not all stores have actually reduced the price. Apple's own move was to lower the base price by $100. Interestingly, Amazon appear not to have followed suit (at least not yet), though they do still offer arguably the best range of used or 2nd hand models. Those who are interested in a new iPad 2 would do well to consider Best Buy - the giant electronics retailer. For, like Apple, they are now offering a 16GB iPad 2 at the reduced $399 price. Of course, every user needs to think about how much storage he or she will need. One of the advantages that the iPad has over say the iPhone is that it offers higher-storage options.

 Obviously, if you already own an iPad 2, you may be thinking about upgrading? Should you do so? It all depends on what you use your tablet for. Do you intend to take photos? Do you have a fine eye for color and detail? If so, then the new iPad (boasting the exceptional Retina display) may indeed be worth the investment. On the other hand, if you use your tablet in a more functional way for run-of-the-mill tasks such as checking your email, then there's probably no need to upgrade to the new iPad. You will be able to do everything you need on the iPad 2 and you'll be saving yourself a fair bit of money as well. 

 In short, newcomers to the world of tablets may find that now is a great time to invest in a 2nd generation iPad. Those with a penchant for stunning visuals may indeed be drawn to the latest release. But people on a budget will be glad to find the iPad 2 selling for a hundred dollars less. 

author bio: Joseph Hare blogs about Apple products and other popular gadgets. He keeps an eye out for the best electronics deals available and is eager to share his tips with others via articles and blog posts]

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