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Sell old clothes online for cash

More Money for Your New Wardrobe by Selling Your Old Clothes Online
Got your eye on something special but not enough cash to afford it? Well, start making some money to build up a new wardrobe by selling off your old clothes online! Vintage clothing is one of the most popular items being sold on eBay, Sahipasand and other e-commerce sites. Follow these quick tips to start doing it yourself!

Tips to sell your Old clothes Online
1. Provide plenty of information. Nothing the actual size is one of the most important pieces of information to supply, to make sure you supplement the size with information about how it runs. If the skirt is marked a medium, but fits more like a small, make sure you share that info. Additionally, if it is marked in a non-standard size (i.e. European, when you’re selling to an American customer), indicate what the size corresponds to.

sell old clothes online
2. Take pictures! You are more likely to sell items if you provide a high-quality and fair photo of what you’re selling. Don’t just take a picture of something hanging in a closet or laying out on a bed. Arrange it so a customer can see what it really looks like, ideally on a model or a mannequin.

3. Be descriptive. A photo will only go so far, so describe the fabric and the feel. Be specific about what the clothing is made out of, if it’s light or heavy, itchy or smooth, rough or soft, etc. The buyer cannot try it on, so they’re not going to buy if they don’t have a sense of what the clothing feels like.

4. Be honest. If there is a small hole or a missing button or snagged thread somewhere, mention it in your description. You’re better off in the long run getting a lower price for a less than perfect item, than selling damaged goods and ruining your reputation.

5. Market yourself. If you’ve set up a store on eBay listing all your items, try and build them around a theme and a reputation. This makes it easy to generate repeat customers – they know what they can get from you, and they know where to go when they want it. This also makes it easy to market yourself and offer things like discounts or free shipping to repeat customers.

In today’s world, every modern woman can benefit from saving her money. Besides, selling your old or unwanted accessories and clothing online is not only a great way to earn some extra cash, but also to recycle.


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Junior Bream said...

I'm thinking of selling my old clothes, too. These tips are really useful. Honesty is very important for having a good reputation as an online seller.

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