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Best Health Related Websites

"Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance" is a saying by Conficius. I felt these words are true by virtue of every letter. I came across few websites which can save lives and be of great help for people who are suffering from dreadful diseases.  websites can be of great help and guidance to patients in need. Readitt presents you few websites you may use. is website for  patients who are fighting cancer , cancer survivor or someone who likes to support cancer suffering people . Here patients can share their opinions, experiences,tips and can even post questions which can be answered . This community can be of great help to cancer patients

patientslikeme is a free website where patients like you meet and interact , share their opinions, stories and questions . patientslikeme brings together the patients, experts, drug manufacturers and foundations together to fight against the disorders is a free website for help on Mental Health on web space which provides authentic and amazing information on physcological disorders and psychiatric medications etc

webmd provides valuable health information and helps and supports those who seek information . webmd is a trusted source of medical help 

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Wilson Floor said...

You got he highest rate from me for giving up better reasons using metaphorical conditions. Tapping human behavior and a website was a good and rare conclusion. Good work doctor.

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