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Basic Yogasanas for Beginners

World is celebrating World Health Day today on April 7 th, We need to know health is not just only about living more number of years, instead we say Health means living years with full of life and happiness. As we see a alarming change in lifestyle which is leading to obesity, and heart diseases. 

In order to combat all these and lead a healthy life we need to change our lifestyle to live a healthy and fullfilling life.  I know you are not going to listen to me , so here we present diffferent yogasanas and  video tutorials on how to do them and believe How yoga can change your life.

padmasana yoga posture shilpa shetty
Padmasana (strengthens knees & Ankles)
shilpa shetty yoga
Nauksana ( Reduces Belly Fat)

shilpa shetty yoga
Dhanurasana ( Best  for curing  Back pain & Neck Pain, Improves Reproductive system, reduces urinary problems)
USTRASANA ( Strengthens Spinal chord, recommended for software professionals, good for thyroid glands, pancreas glands and improves digestive system)

gomukasana posture
GOMUKASANA (Reduces Shoulder and Arm Fat)

VAKRASANA ( Reduces Side Waist Fat and improves blood circulation in Spinal chord)

sarvangasana posture
SARVANGASANA ( Improves Thyroid Gland Harmones, Good for growth in Children , improve memory power , strengthens neck portion and improves nervous sytem)
MATSYASANA ( Effective Asana for Thyroid Glands, A must do yogasana for Thyroid Glands)

PASCHI MOTTANASANAM ( Best for Diabetics and Good for Liver )
bujangasana posture
BUJANGASANA ( Effective remedy for Back Pain and Throat Pain)
ardha matsyendrasana posture
 ARDHAMATSYENDRASANA  ( Good for Diabetics ,Improves Insulin Glands and maintains good harmonal balance, reduces risk of prostrate cancer and reduces waist fat)
sarpasanam posture
 SARPASANAM ( Good for Kidneys and strengthens waist , reduces waist fat and spinal chord)

I understand you all liked the yogasanas, and you might be puzzled as how to do those.
So here is a quick video guide to all the yogasanas listed above.

 you may view it in full screen for better experience



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Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this.

indu chhibber said...

excellent post Yoga is great for mind & body,.

Diet Doctor said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks

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