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Top & Best Smartphone for Android Gaming 2012

The Android based smart phone devices are rapidly getting popularity all across the world for many reasons. As per the market research, Google’s OS Android is the number one operating system found in smartphones. Looking at the number of features it is tough to keep you away once you get these phones in your hands. Among the number of features, the games are the best thing to keep the users close to these phones. In fact the robust hardware and improving software support found in Android based phones make countless gamers lured to these phones. The following are the top and best smartphone for android gaming:

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: This smartphone is known for its extensive amount of capacities for gaming having a number of features designed specially keeping in mind the avid gamers. This device is considered to be an officially certified PlaySation device unlike what you see in PSP. If you love games, then it’s a perfect smartphone for Android based games giving an all together a different experience which are hard to find anywhere.
The phone is also loaded with other features including 5MP camera with different connectivity choices like USB port, Bluetooth and wi-fi. The best part about this device is that is has sensitive gaming controls. Unlike what you see in PSP, this device is also seen with track pads which slide out. The device is backed by some robust kind of processors known as Adreno GPU graphic processor along with 1Ghz processor which allows any user 60fps gameplay.

Samsung Galaxy S2: The Samsung Galaxy S2 is considered to be the most prominent phones in Android family. It is among the top selling phones worldwide by selling more than 10 millions in limited span of eight months. It comes with 16GB memory for on board storage along with a provision to encompass more via the microSD card.
It has bluetooth controllers known as iControlPad and the PhoneJoy which also acts like a gaming console to enjoy some beautiful games. It is powered by some powerful and fast dual core processor along with big and responsive touch screens, which makes the device the number one choice for avid gamers.

Samsung Galaxy Note: The device comes with a robust 1.4 dual core processor carrying a RAM of 1GB. It comes with super AMOLED display screen of 5.3 inches giving you enough reason to opt for gaming thing. The resolution comes to around 800 x 200 pixels, which helps the graphic to appear more stunning and cool, thus making it a perfect phone for gaming and other fun thing.
The phone is designed with big size screen powered by one of the fastest processors which you will not see in any other Android based smartphones. These attributes makes the device an excellent choice for game frenzy people.

Galaxy Nexus: This device is considered to be a new kid on the block launched in the year end of 2011. It is considered to be Google’s first party Android phone device. The OS it follows is commonly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich or simply Android 4.0, which is the latest operating system from the giant search engine.
It comes with incredible 720 x1280 resolutions, which makes the device ideal for watching HD movies and excellent web browsing experience. Besides, it is powered by high end 1.2 Ghz dual core processor which makes it a perfect device for people who want to try gaming over it. In fact, the blend of big screen and high end processor makes the gaming experience good.
Apart from having a number of features attached with Android, it has become a number one choice for avid gamers as well. They simply enjoy playing a number of games using a wide range of android based smartphones. So if you are looking out for any smartphone for gaming thing, make sure you consider any one of the above device as discussed in the article. These are certainly among the top and best smartphone devices for Android Gaming 2012.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and design. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on ipad docking station attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on best blackberry.

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