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SMS Worth Rs 4554

You all use sms to send useful information , jokes or wishes and your network carriers charge you not more than rs 3 for any kind of sms but imagine can a sms cost Rs 4554 ? what is your answer, I can hear you saying what nonsense!  are you joking ! But anything is possible on this world , I am sharing with you a incident which happened to my friend read on to know how an sms costed my friend rs 4554

As soon as we entered the terminal at 19:00 hrs and reported, the airport staff said sir this flight is at 16:30 hrs and showed the ticket but Rajesh told I got a sms saying that the flight is delayed by 3 hours , then the airport staff asked " Sir can we see the sms you got" then my friend had scrolled through sms and showed it to the staff then the staff said " Sir this sms is about the Saturdays ( Jan 8 th) flight from visakhapatnam to hyderabad

Rajesh said oohh shit
Actually what had happened is 

My friend Rajesh has taken flight on January 8th to Hyderabad , the flight was late by 3 hrs

He got a sms on january 9 th that the flight is delayed by 3 hrs. that was a sms which was delivered lately

He is supposed to travel to visakhapatnam back on 10 th so he thought the sms was about the return flight 

this one incoming sms had costed him Rs 4554 (Air travel ticket) and the time.

Actually my firend Rajesh was bit sick and under tension as he was to attend a visa interview so he read the sms in a hurry and came to a conclusion that return flight is delayed, After having missed the flight he had to take a Bus to Visakhapatnam from hyderabad and had to travel in uncomfortable conditions, being sankratnthi all the buses were full and somehow he could manage to reach the destination

I wanted to share this as it happens sometimes that sms is delivered late and we need to cross check this type of info 2-3 times , hope you never miss a flight due to late sms delivery ..  wish you a happy journey


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1 comment:

Kajal said...

oh dear! what a high price to pay ! I hope I never get in a situation like this ! Hope you friend did manage to reach the destination fine though.

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