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Samsung Galaxy beam price preview specifications

Samsung seems to be agressively coming with new mesmerizing mobile models , In the recent past we have seen Samsung launching Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy mini etc, I suppose Samsung has choosen the name Galaxy very appropriately because we can see the number of  models which are being released on the Galaxy series seems to be never ending just like a galaxy of our solar system and adding to the list one more smart phone Samsung Galaxy beam is unveiled which is the worlds slimmest projector phone


SIZE              123 x 59.8 x 14.9
DISPLAY         3.7" Capacitive Touch Screen
Projector       50" wide projection of screen
Camera          8.1 Mega pixel with Auto Flash
Memory         16GB (inbuilt)
OS                 Android
Video calling  Yes
Connectivity   Bluetooth,WiFi, Infrared and usb
Data              gprs, edge & 3G
Battery          1800 MAh
Price             Not available (guessed to be Rs 25000)
More             In one word it is a small phone with a screen width of 50 inches

I know you will want to see more and know more about Samsung Galaxy Beam just see this video preview about Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy beam is certainly going to create a trend !! what do you say. 
 Let us just wait to have it in India, hope the wait will be worthy. 

Samsung Galaxy beam price preview specifications Reviewed by Gowardhan on 2/29/2012 01:37:00 PM Rating: 5


abercrombie uk said...

Samsung 123 x 59.8 x 14.9.

Samsung Galaxy Beam said...

imagine combining this with one of those laser keyboards and bingo your have a fully functioning laptop that fits in your pocket. i think most people would want that. after all its the two things that are the downside of a smartphone, the size of the screen and keyboard

Mobitechworld said...

high class phone till now.....amazing

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