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Scanning of Documents and photographs have been a normal phenomenon now a days as we want to store most of the information as soft copies, we all are using scanners to do the same and the scanners we are using are normal and conventional, in course of time size and shape of scanners has changed but till date a scanner like this has not come , Yes I am talking about the Scanner which is incorporated in the mouse , LG has recently launched their latest cute creation LG Scanner Mouse

7 Great things about LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner
  • LSM 100 can edit the documents scanned 
  • LSM 100 can scan upto A3 Size Document
  • Saving options are Jpeg,Tiff,png,bmp,xls,doc & pdf
  • Powered with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Extremely  Portable
  • World's first Scanner Mouse
  • Priced at Rs 3000-3500
This is a amazing choice for people who are in publishing feild like journalists, Writers and People who do routine work and the most amazing thing is you can carry your scanner in your pocket now, thanks to LG for its cute creation LG LSM-100 Mouse scanner

see how you can work with LG LSM 100 Mouse Scanner

Video preview of LG LSM 100 mouse scanner

I started dragging my mouse but not to scan the docs or a photograph because my mouse is not LG LSM 100 hope I will have one soon.

LG LSM 100 MOUSE SCANNER Reviewed by Gowardhan on 2/23/2012 10:32:00 PM Rating: 5

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