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What happens if a young man in his late 20's come to know he is infected with HIV Virus, just imagine what can happen ? Killing him selves, getting depressed, spreading the virus to others, going far away from the family and I could hear you saying " loose hope and leave everything" you are right, but sometimes things happen differently than what we expect, I want to introduce you to Pardeep Kumar who was infected with HIV but his reaction was different , see what he did ?

Pradeep kumar belonged to Manipur and his childhood was happy with his friends , he had some friends who were addicted to drugs and slowly they has introduced drugs to pradeep kumar and soon he was enjoying the pleasures of the other world, he was completely addicted to drugs when he was only 16, pradeep was passionate of  wrestling but after getting addicted to drugs he could not manage to continue his passion as he became weak. soon some of his friends got infected with HIV, then the fear started in him and gradually in the year 2000 he came to know that he has got infected with HIV Positive virus

Then initially he was blank and last all the hope , One day when he went to his friends Gym, He advised that pradeep has a good body shape why don't he try Body building, soon Pradeep started practising body building and he had won the bronze medal in Mr.Manipur (2007) , now his target is to win Mr.India title.

Pradeep kumar is a real inspiration for all of us who think, we have too many problems and feel horrible for things like

" Boss has fired you for being late"
" Stucked in traffic for more than 2 hours"
" you did'nt get the tickets for the new movie"
" Not being able to have a car"
" Not having a I phone"
I suppose all our problems are so little when compared to pradeep kumar, If we don't give up we can get what ever we want 

" The Will to do will give you whatever you want"
Readitt salutes the courage of pradeep kumar, who is challenging the worlds most dangerous virus hiv+ , Let us all wish Pradeep kumar all the best for Mr.India

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