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Amazing Facts about Dead Sea

Dead sea, Most of you would have heard this word dead sea but at the same time I guess most of you do not know why it is called dead sea and I also want to share a amazing thing that happens only at dead sea, Dead sea is at located between Jordan and Israel  and it is the worlds deepest lake in the world, But still we did not discuss how dead sea got its name, come let us just see more interesting facts about dead sea

salty dead sea
Salinity (salt content) is as high as 33.7% in the dead sea making it a harsh environment for the aquatic life to survive, as a result there is no life hence the name is dead sea. whenever you go to a lake or sea you will like to swim , but you cannot swim in dead sea because the density of the dead sea is 1.24 kg/ltr which makes swimming impossible and floating possible so this makes dead sea the unique one and only one in the world where you can float on water 
you can see the beautiful girl floating on the water relaxedly reading a magazine 
This makes Dead sea most loving destination for holidaying and as a result lot of resorts and hotels have been located on the banks of dead sea, lots of tourists flock to Dead sea every now and then to enjoy floating on the sea .

tourists floating on dead sea
 see above a group of tourists floating above the dead sea

So friends plan visiting the dead sea, where no human being can die because of drowning as you know you will only float above the sea so guys experience this amazing experience of floating


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