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Will the World end in 2012 ?

After having welcomed the new year 2012 with great hopes and asprations it is discouraging to hear about the news here and there about the end of the world on 21st Decemeber 2012 lot of predictions based on astrology and historical evidences make " Will the world end in 2012 ?  " a billion dollar question, So Readitt started probing about this news to find out the facts , the facts we found are really interesting to know.

Some predictions which claim 2012 to be the end of the world are 

Planet Nibru collide with earth in 2012 
Mayan Calendar
Planetary Alignments 
A Polar shift
Solar Storms

the above five things are in prediction, which support the theory of the Earth ending in the world, But when we want to know about Nuclear science we should not ask Sonia Gandhi, instead it Dr.Abdul Kalam who is to be contacted , on the similar grounds to know about space and Astrology we must consider the Opinion of Nasa.

What is the opinion of Nasa about the above predictions?

Q1 : Is there a planet called Nibru which is approaching the earth and will collide to cause a major destruction ?
A1 : Nasa says there is no such planet called Nibru.

 Q2: Does the Mayan Calendar end in 2012 ?
A2: Yes the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012 just like the calendar in our kitchen ends every year on 31 st december, it has nothing to do with end of the world.

Q3: Any probable planetary Alignment which can end the world in 2012 ?
A4: Nothing expected in next few decades, if they even occur the effects are negligible.

Q4: Polar Shift
A4: Magnetic reversal takes place every 4 lakh years and the Earth is existing from the past 4 billion years. 

Q5: Solar storms
A5: Solar storms may only effect the communication system, not the mankind..

All the above are the answers given by NASA , see the detailed explanation about the frequently asked questions on the official Nasa Website

most of the news associated with 2012 disaster are internet hoaxes created by some web masters,

To conclude it , The Nasa team says 

" Nothing bad will happen to Earth in 2012 , Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years , all the scientists know it, and you know it now "


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KSRealityBites said...

All internet hoaxes about 2012 disaster have been cleared by NASA. Thanks for the Update!

Gowardhan said...

yeah all the hoaxes have been busted by NASA

i\I was also hearing this 2012 disaster from long, but not clear about it,, but felt we should know it now as we entered 2012.

thanks you dropped by

Unknown said...

i would still like to wait and watch..hehe..tho i have read about the mayan calender and everything else being hoaxes like u have mentioned but i did read somewhere 2-3mnths back about nasa admitting existence of a gaseous body just outside of our solar system now i dunno if it was a hoax or not just what i read..infact even hindu vedas mark 2012 as an year of a new beginning but not the end of the world..though u never know cos again yellowstone park is a ticking volcano ready to burst at any moment if it does then we are all in big soup:( not necessary will happen in2012 but will happen some day god knows when..hmmm...enjoyed the post anything about 2012 and i flock to it..hehehehe

Millie Christopher said...

Rumors and predictions are not enough reasons why people should believe that world is going to end on this year. But still believe that the end is near but not on this fix date.

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