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Rafflesia, the worlds largest Flower

Flowers are the colourful part of our life, they decorate the world, marriages are made with flowers , lovers are not there without flowers , we find lots of flowers did you ever imagine which could be the world's largest flower , hey did you start thinking what it is ? any guesses from you , i could hear you saying Sunflower  !!   no it isn't . World's largest flower is Rafflesia which is mostly found in Indonesian Rain forest.

 rafflesia worlds largest flower 1O Interesting Facts About Rafflesia

  • Rafflesia is the National Flower of Indonesia
  • Rafflesia Arnoldii is the world's largest flower
  • You can find this flower mostly in Thailand and Philippine in Indonesia
  • This flower got its name as Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles has discovered in 1818.
  • This plant has no stem or roots ,it is a parasite depending on other plants
  • Rafflesia can be as large as 100 cms in diameter
  • Rafflesia can weigh upto 10 kgs
  • Rafflesia has soothing fragrance while it is a bud
  • It smells horrible like a rotten meat when it becomes flower
  • Biological name of this flower is Rafflesia Arnoldii
Rafflesia, the worlds largest Flower Reviewed by Gowardhan on 1/10/2012 02:00:00 AM Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I am heard that world largest flower is AMORPHOPHALUS TITANUM / BLUE WHALE OF BOTANY which one is right?

Saru Singhal said...

Looks like some artificial lighting show piece...But it's a flower...:)

Thanks for sharing!

Gowardhan said...

Amorphophalus is the largest unbranched inflorescence and rafflesia is the largest single flower

Bikram said...

WOW.. this is amazing its BIGGGGGGGGGg


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