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wish you a happy chinese new year 2012

All the world has celebrated new year grandly, but the Chinese who are fast forward in technology are late in celebrating the new year, New year is celebrated somewhere between late January and mid February as per the Lunar solar calendar system, new year happens to fall on January 23 rd this year , the year 2012 will be called as dragon new year Chinese celebrate new year dances, street performances and road shows.

Chinese calendar is symbolized by 12 different animals like dragon, snake, rat, monkey,horse, ram, rooster, dog, pig, ox, tiger and rabbit. each have their own characteristics which can say how the new year is going to be.

you can find what are you as per your birth year, see here

2012 is dragon new year which symbolizes power, strength, good luck and means control over water, rainfall, hurricane & flood

here are the Chinese new year wishes and wall papers for 2012

once again wishing you all a Happy Chinese new year of dragon 2012. 


wish you a happy chinese new year 2012 Reviewed by Gowardhan on 1/19/2012 08:35:00 PM Rating: 5


Sujatha Sathya said...

year of the dragon? hmmm

what are u by the way accor to chinese? i am a snake!!

Gowardhan said...

you are to dangerous sathya,, haha

i am not at all dangerous , i am a monkey as per chineese calendar

Bikram said...

I have no idea what i am according to chinece calendar ..

But wishing you and all your readers a Happy Year of the dragon ...


Gowardhan said...

bikramjit tell me your birthdate and year, I shall tell you

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