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Bajaj launches Re 60, the most awaited car

Bajaj finally after a long wait had launched its four wheeler Bajaj Re 60 (the first four wheeler for Bajaj Auto) But the question is , is this RE 60 going to compete with Tata Nano or Maruti 800 or what is it upto ? Tata Nano has been proudly crafted by Tata group to see the middle man in India could have the luxury of his own car, but at the same time petrol prices are sky rocketed making things confusing for the Indian Middle class , So what this RE 60 is up to come on lets test drive RE 60 and know if it is for you or not ! ? !

RE 6O launch at Auto Expo 2012. New Delhi
Bajaj Re 60 launch

Things you may like about Bajaj Re 60 are
  • A price tag of Rs 1,60,000
  • Fuel efficiency of  35 kmpl
  • CNG & LPG versions are expected soon
  • environment friendly with lowest carbon emissions (60 gm/km)
Things you may not like about Bajaj Re 60 are
  • Not good looking
  • Engine capacity is less , top speed is 70km/hr
  • No power steering
  • smaller in size

I feel with good fuel efficiency and small in size it must make a good 4 wheeler for public tranportation even governments  may encourage this for public transport due to its low carbon emissions
 RE 60 LAUNCH VIDEO (hindi)

video courtesy : Star news

At the launch of AUTO EXPO 2012, Rajiv Bajaj said " RE 60 is not a car it is four wheeler "
SO if you are dreaming of purchasing a car , then better try for something else. we may expect it to be a commercial vehicle more than personal.

As compared to Maruti 800 and Tata Nano , Re 60 scores less on looks efficiency and acceptance as a car that may be used for personal use , price is not officially declared but it  is expected to be around Rs 1,60,000 which is not too friendly only good part is , it's fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Let us see how Re 60 is going to impact Indian automobile

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Bajaj launches Re 60, the most awaited car Reviewed by Gowardhan on 1/04/2012 10:28:00 PM Rating: 5


Vishal Kataria said...

So if the RE60 is not a car, but a four wheeler, what purpose does it serve? Do they commercially want to sell it and replace existing Bajaj rickshaws? A 200cc DTSi engine looks like it's a straight transplant from the Pulsar 200. M not so sure it suffices for a 4 wheeler...

Gowardhan said...

yes vishal, re 60 is going to replace auto rickshaws i suppose

Saravana Kumar said...

Its quite difficult to replace the Autoricks in India..

Unknown said...

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