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Sudhir Gautam, Biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar

In India Cricket is not a game, Cricket is a religion majority beleives and worship cricket Most of us are admirers of Indian cricket and Sachin tendulkar, Indian cricket and sachin tendulkar are inseparable, no no !! World cricket and sachin tendulkar are inseparable oof!!  I got it  ..,.,  The word cricket and the word sachin are inseparable ooh I think I made it finally,, what do you say… it is really difficult for anyone to find new ways to admire The God of cricket . Sachin is a fan generating machine. He had generated millions of fans, among them some are crazy fans, some are die hard, but Sudhir Gautam is the greatest fan of sachin and Indian cricket, who deserves the honor of lifting the world cup as a fan of Indian cricket.

All the cricket fans would have seen Sudhir Gautam holding the world cup 2011 with enormous joy,some of us were even jealous of him. But it would be interesting to know why he was honored by sachin to hold the cup, find below some most interesting things about Sudhir Gautam
Sudhir Gautum lifting the world cup with sachin tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar sharing the world cup with Sudhir Gautam

Sudhir Gautam aged 30 is from Muzaffurpur, Bihar.

He was working as a school teacher ,he left his job to dedicate all his time to Indian cricket.

Don't think he is from a rich family back ground. He often travels ticket less  ( Jai Mamta ji) to reach the stadiums all over India.

He gets match tickets from Sachin!!!,, yes from Sachin most of the times .

when asked about marriage, he told I am already married to Indian cricket, no more marriage "If I get married my wife will not allow me to watch cricket and cheer up India as I do now "

That is what we say a real cricket fan and.. Sudhir Gautam is undoubtedly the Biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Indian cricket.

Sachin and Indian cricket will keep moving ahead victoriously while sudhir gautam and team will cheer up .
Tell all sachin fans, about Sudhir Gautam
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Vishal Kataria said...

Sudhir is indeed the biggest Sachin fan EVER! I've passed him sometimes but didn't know his name. Now I do... Thank you for throwing light on his life and letting us know more about him.

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