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New Year Resolutions of a Blogger

When we are approaching the end of the year , start rewinding the year gone by and feel regretting about the past , so it is time take resolutions , literally every one takes new year resolutions  a Smoker, a Drinker, a obese person, a artist and a blogger, new year resolutions are mostly born on 31 st December and die on 1 st Jan 2012. Let us see some common new year resolutions taken by Bloggers.

Resolutions of a Bloggers Mind

  • I shall stop Blogging at work
  • I shall give more time to my family and less to my blog
  • I shall sleep early
  • I will not day dream about my next blog post
  • I will not look at my statistics all the time

Resolutions of a Bloggers Heart
  • Blogging between work makes it refreshing
  • If you don't blog at home, she can't watch her daily soaps
  • If I do not write a blog post , I cannot sleep
  • We cannot stop thinking,, how can we bloggers even think of stop thinking
  • I have to make my traffic 10 fold this year

We bloggers are bloggers, we cant even think of getting separated from blogging for one day also. what so ever we love blogging   2011, 2012, 2013  and so ...on

Don't worry about resolutions its time to enjoy a happy new year ...
   " " WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 '' "

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New Year Resolutions of a Blogger Reviewed by Gowardhan on 12/26/2011 09:09:00 PM Rating: 5


Shreya said...

Well said and oh-so-true!! :)

Unknown said...

hahaha so very true:) i think u read and spoke the mind of amost every blogger with this post of urs

Sujatha Sathya said...

Happy New Year to you :)

i stopped looking at the stats long back. but the other points you mentioned - hols true :0

Gowardhan said...

yeah that is true,, Sathya

actually we are growing day by day,,

but expecting our traffic to grow rapidly every day is not right, it may take some time..

mean while we should enjoy our blogging

Unknown said...

Definitely cannot stop thinking. Bad for sleep! Hope to get more sleep and still blog in 2012. How often will you check stats?

Unknown said...

very true .. completely agree with you buddy!

happy 2012 !


Gowardhan said...

@Lisa : yes we bloggers can never stop thinking , I use to check stats 4-5 times a day but now I do it once or twice

@Rahul : thank you rahul

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