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Most expensive Christmas tree 2011

Christmas is coming soon and the Christmas fever is already on, Every Christmas season reminds us of  colorful houses and streets decorated with Christmas tree and Stars, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is prevailing since long time, so the sellers make it a point to make a wide variety of trees to meet the customers needs, as a result lots of Christmas trees pop up every Christmas. these Christmas trees can even cost  up to 1.95 million dollars !!  that is a news ! yes a jewellery shop in Tokyo (Japan) had made this

Golden Christmas tree worth 1.95 million US $ at Ginza Jewellery- Tokyo

Ginza Tanaka ,a jewellery shop in Tokyo, Japan is exhibiting this Christmas tree at their Jewellery shop it will be on display till  25 December,2011 . Ginza Golden tree has set the new world record for  "The most expensive Christmas tree" as per world records academy and made it to Guiness book of world records.

Ginza Golden Christmas tree

                              Height : 8 feet (2.4 meter) 

50-60 heart shaped                 1.95 million  US $
ornaments used                             weight :12 kg

Video of the Ginza Golden Christmas tree
The tree is attracting lot of customers to the shop, Already Ginza Tanaka is famous for lavish and luxurious collections internationally and the golden tree will make it better. if you have 2 million dollars with you , you can (not) buy this because this is only for display and not for sale.

we wish you all merry Christmas.
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Saru Singhal said...

That's interesting and luxurious...:)

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These would something i searching out over the internet glad to found out over here.It's really very interesting video to watch out..

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