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A facebook love story

We may know people without a Bank Account, but now a days it is difficult to find some one without a facebook account, most of us use facebook , face book was responsible to to have linked so many of us with our school friends. No doubt facebook has impacted the way we communicate,interact and live . many users around the world have a story associated with facebook. while I was checking out the facebook blog I have come across a love story which happened on facebook.

coming into the details, Jenice Whitted was divorced with a 7 year old son , she was frustrated and posted a status message  " game of dating" , soon Adam ( a school friend) of her commented in agreement , they started chatting. Adam was a Comic artist, chat with him was interesting to Jenice and her son. that lead to some 1000 sms's and hours of talk on phone they met each other and soon he posted a comic as a facebook update. jenice thought it was one more comic. but the comic was his love proposal.


his proposal reads
" Jenice whitted you are the best thing to ever happen to me, I LOVE YOU and your love in return makes me the luckiest guy ever to have lived, the only thing that could possibly make me luckier is if you would agree to spend the rest of your life with me as my wife , WILL YOU MARRY ME"

read the full story published on facebook blog

later friends asked him why did he propose his love on facebook ?

Adam told, he is good at communicating it trough comics.

really a great feeling to see a divorced jenice whitted get her soul mate and her son get a father, face book had impacted all of us, some are impacted less and some,, more..and most of us have a story.. if you have a story you can share it at face book blog.


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alka narula said...

another intresting read,u know life seems so dfclt without fb these days,infact a friend of my daughters randomly added a girl on fb met her started dating and now they are married..apart from connecting with old friends fb is also a way of making and breaking fb also makes cheating easier but then again one who has to cheat would do it anyway..hehehehe:p

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