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Ladies high fashion footwear

Synonym of fashion must be crazy,, i,e these days fashion is turning literally crazy , we have seen different types of Hi Heel Shoes and Sandals for women of various designs and varieties but less was seen of different material , Unique and creative approach of a Artist makes them successful designer , that is 100% true with the London designer Insa who has got something special to offer us in his creative store. he has designed Hi heels for women with leather ? resign ?  fabric ? wood? plastics? canvas ? rubber ? keep guessing and I can give you some  clues

the material is sticky
this material has a odour which is not friendly to your nose
the material is green in colour

did you find the answer ? OK check if you are correct or not ?

These Heels are made of Elephant Dung !!  yes you have read it correctly it is elephant dung. The designer Insa had designed it and exhibited this at a Tate Britain exhibition in London and with in no time these Hi heels  started moving under the feet of beautiful women all around fashion capitals of the world, these are Eco friendly and beautiful as well, hope you will have these heels under your feet one day!!

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Ladies high fashion footwear Reviewed by Gowardhan on 12/25/2011 12:10:00 AM Rating: 5


Unknown said...

the upper part of the shoes are beautiful...but after reading elephant dung only 3 alphabets came to my mind n dey are WTF lol....very intresting

Anonymous said...

Lol, my wife would never wear this.

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Gowardhan said...

ooh,, we shall try something else mike.. haha

thanks for dropping by..

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