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Free Cancer treatment by Vaidya Murthy

Cancer still means a dreadly term which symbolises end of the life , Recently my friends Father-in-law has died of Throat cancer, and due to that his sister-in-law who was  9 months pregnant  had a miscarriage just before her delivery date  as she was disturbed with her father's death , hearing this I felt sorry and If I had known about Vaidya Narayana Murthy's Medicine earlier I would have told him and imagine two lives would have been saved. I am so confident Vaidya Murthy's medicine would have cured his illness for sure. After seeing the video you will also have the same confidence

Shri Vaidya Narayana Murthy aged 60 years  hails from a family who is practicing Ayurvedic medicine from the last 800 years , from the past 40 years of expertise, He is curing Patients suffering with Blood Cancer, Throat Cancer, Kidney Stones and Heart Block without any charge it is totally free of cost. People from all over India and world visits  him every Sunday and Thursdays, On an average 300 people per day  irrespective of cast, creed, rich & poor Que up at his residence in Shimoga, Karnataka. he sees the reports and talks for two minutes and decides the medicine.

lifestyle diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes can only be controlled by Diet and herbs

The source of his medicines is from different kinds of plants and herbs which he personally collects from forest during particulars days of the week , He needs approximately 50-60 kg of roots, stems and barks for the medicine he gives to the patients per day, The patient needs to take these medicines with specific dietary instructions, it may take typically 90 days to 180 days to cure. unlike Chemotheraphy and laser treatment which are not a permanent solution or happy ending always his natural medicines relieve the patients successfully

See Shri Vaidya Narayana Murthy in action

There is no need to take a Appointment it is all first come first serve basis, only on Sundays and Thursdays from early morning 7 am, patients need to carry thier medical reports with them .

How to reach Shimoga?
You can take a train from Bangalore there are 2 express trains and 2 passenger trains 
Bangalore-Shimoga Express  (Train no 16227) & SBEC SMET Express (Train no 16201)

Shimoga is around 274 kms from Bangalore , you can travel by state transport buses or taxis , here is the route map

15 NGO'S are beleived to be working with Vaidya Narayana Murthy for this noble cause , I take pride in sharing this with you and be a part of this noble cause. Peron like him deserves awards of highest degree , Government should recognise him and take a initiative to let his expertise be useful to as many as possible

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Free Cancer treatment by Vaidya Murthy Reviewed by Gowardhan on 12/25/2011 01:01:00 PM Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

very informative.thanks

Chapters From My Life said...

Thanks for the information. One of my cousin who was being treated for Ovarian cancer died leaving behind her four children. I am still alive after 15 years because I went for early treatment and followed the instructions given by doctors. Cancer doesn't mean end of life. Anyway if this is true it is good... I would love to hear from people who have taken this treatment and survived for 8 yrs or more.

Sujatha Sathya said...

very informative & helpful. hope this reaches to those who need it the most

Gowardhan said...

yes Ms farida,

this is true , you can see the video.
he lives in shimoga , 270 km from bangalore.

yeah,, satya,, hope this spreads .

I am doing my bit to spread it

Anonymous said...

Actually need response from the patients over various diseases to ensure credibility.

Gowardhan said...

15 NGO'S are supporting him
weekly 800-1000 people come for his treatment.
A journalist from UK has come to take his interview

this should prove the crediblity of vaidya narayana murthy for treating cancer

Raina said...

Thousands of NGOs support the spread of Christianity.
Millions rely on the Christian God instead of medical treatment.
Journalists, whether from the UK or not, are fallable.

Without scientific evidence with control cases, there is no proof of credibility.

I'm not saying it doesn't work, but there needs to be more evidence than word of mouth success stories...

Kiran said...

Kiran, Bangalore - 9845337212

I am using medicine of Shri Narayana Murthyji for my father since last 5 months who is suffering with Kidney cancer, which spread to lungs and lever. its worked well now my father is ok as compared to earlier stage.

As I have seen on my every visit to Narsipur, there are thousands of patients are using this medicine since so many years with positive results.

Let us trust the medicine.

Anonymous said...


Thanks goodness I found this blog. I have been looking around for hours trying to find this data. Keep up the good work! Also I adore your over all look of your blog. I will be back. I have bookmarked you.

Makewell: provide healthcare facilitation services like Cancer Treatment, Orthopedics and General Surgery to individuals, insurers and corporates.

Pseudo Science said...

"Scientific evidence" is a nice word used by the "medical industry".

The earth has been studied to be going around the sun for several centuries. HOWEVER A RECENT STUDY FOUND THAT THERE IS NO "SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE" OF THE EARTH GOING AROUND THE SUN.


Scientific evidence really means PSEUDO-SCIENCE done by the medical industry to promote their Chemical concoctions by issuing conflicting statements like above.

Ayurvedic and other systems have been used for several years. It has been only now commercial interests and English non-scientific medical system has made the knowledge die.

This man should be recognized by medical community.

People dont queue up with medical reports "for nothing".

Affordable raj said...

Affordable & Natural Cancer Cure.
Serch Vitamin C Therapy on U Tube.

arun said...

Bangalore Talaguppa express departure time from BANGALORE RAIL WAY STATION by 10.30 pm,by this train travell to Anandapuram and arrieves 6am,stay at HOMBUJA RESIDENCY very good lodge.lodge management will guide and help you reach PANDITH NARAYANA MURTHY.only 7km from this lodge.lodge tel no 08183 262636.

Readitt said...

thank you for the info

JayaKumar srinivasulu said...

Is there any permanent cure for diabetes

Archana said...

Can anyone provide me the address of Mr. Vaidyanath Narayan.
Plz it will be of great help.

Readitt said...

Hi Archana, If you can reach Shimoga, anyone can guide how to go to vaidya Narayana Murthy. you can see in the article how to reach Shimoga

Armaan Ahmed said...

Hello.. I am planning to visit Mr. Vaidya Murthy Sir to get the medicine for my Cousin brother he is suffering from heart blockage.Doctors from various hospitals helpess and no chances of open heart surgery as his breathing is very low. Anyway i heared this ayurvedic treatment has cured lot of people that too free of cost. Anyone who is willing to go or anyone who cant make out to visit him please let me know .. email me

Readitt said...

Hope your cousin recovers soon Ahmed

Armaan Ahmed said...

Thank you brother

Anonymous said... is giving medicine can I have his contact number
He need only reports or he will see the patient plz tell me friends

Unknown said...

yes he is giving medicine and he wont take the calls and hardly he see any reports . please visit for more info

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