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Thanks to Indiblogger

Courier has arrived today in the evening, and I was very curiously unwrapping it to see what did it contain ? to my surprise I have seen pack of cosmetics from Dove containing Dove shampoo, Hair Oil, Conditioner and Face cream !!! Then I could recall I had entered my address at Indiblogger to claim a gift hamper . That made me happy, really happy. I wanted to thank Indiblogger and Dove heartfully.

As I believe, we should be thankful and show our gratitude to the concerned when appropriate time comes. Many of us were discussing in a forum " samsung mobiler contest" that some type of gift hampers should be given to the bloggers etc. and Indiblogger team had listened to us I suppose. below is the picture of gift hamper I have recieved.

" A thing of joy is a beauty for ever " is a saying famous poet John Keats

gift hamper recieved from indiblogger and Dove
" A gift of joy is a beauty for ever " is my saying.

I just wanted to thank Indiblogger & Dove for this gift.even I had started a forum at indiblogger to express my thanks , you too can do so . Thank you Indiblogger.

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