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Six Sigma to improve your Blog Traffic

Every blogger irrespective of their category like food blog, gadget reviews, social blog, photography blog, all of them shares their talents,views,experiences and ideas directly or indirectly for one reason and for sure that reason will be " More people should read and acknowledge my blog ", it is not a mistake to expect more traffic for our blog, but forget not only good blog with best content, better layout and best ever creativity will reach more netizens.

Blogging is an enjoyable activity, i blog to express my view and most of the bloggers will be expressive, when we are expressive our thoughts, it means a lot when more and more people read our posts, it is something which can't be expressed, when someone appreciates your talents definitely it will be a great and unforgettable moment.

Coming to the topic, HOW TO IMPROVE MY BLOG TRAFFIC ? nothing new me or anyone will answer for this well known and widely asked question, if you have money easily buy backlinks for your site and can spend money to people who will write articles for you, but it won't be a memorable one, plagiarism and something which is not ours can never bring a real joy when it is appreciated, so for bloggers who really trust their talent and who are desperate to drive traffic, i have my experience to share with you, experience is something which cannot be taught by any book or
any teacher.


1) CONTENT: Blog must be unique, either worst or best, if it is an authentic one, that is if your blog is more innovative and different from others, simply speaking your blog must reflect your view on whatever topic you cover, as like our fingerprints each of us will have an identity, our work is to just bring them out and telecast to the world.

2) ERGONOMICS: Blogger or wordpress, trust me your blog may have intellectual points, you may be a person who has ability to prove Einstein is wrong but if you don't have enough attractive things in your blog people will have a boring view over it, way of presenting a topic will differ, having a stylish blog is more than enough to drive people for your blog, Maruti 800 and Audi R8 both of them are car, but which attracts people more ? Style do matters.

3) RESEARCH: In my personal experience, posts which i published without a proper research never reached the people much, but whenever i publish after going through several related topics, it got their attention, doing a mini research before posting will help you to impress your readers.

4) PICTURE SPEAKS: yes, pictures will speak a lot than what we try to convey in paragraphs, pictures should be attractive. catchy and importantly it must be relative to the topic, for me everyday at least 10-15 people will visit my blog from GOOGLE IMAGES, adding images to your blog will also drive traffic to a considerable level and forget not show your blog name or link by editing that picture, so plagiarism will be avoided.

5) PUNCHY TOPICS: Have you ever noticed while sightseeing ? a restaurant may taste bad and it has no match to an another restaurant in taste, but the restaurant which is bad in taste will have glittering lights, hot name and catchy phrase, so whenever new unfamiliar people arrives to that place, they will be mesmerized by the Hotel Board :P, i dint mean that have old wine in new bottle, i say that new bottle look will help you to reach success, PUNCHY topics will attract people.

6) PLATFORM:  Either a blogger by choice or profession, poor marketing will leads to the product failure. it doesn't matter what you have inside but it matters how you popularize it, there are several applications and forums, communities to promote your blog, choose the best or choose all of them if you want to grab more attention, use google to ping our blog, submit to directories. Deal packed.

These alone will never help to attract people, instead to use the word ATTRACT, it is just like cheating people, Keep updating blog, blog about experience and everything you wish to, be in a limit.. Experience is best branch in blogging, because it is obviously your own world, update blog, change the layout, add gadgets, change color, show differences and show your own identity, people will acknowledge you.

Platform, as i said before, select several existing blogger community and blogger pings, directories. it will definitely help a lot to promote blog, i will list few such sites which will definitely increase your blog traffic, it worked for me

5) 5LINKERS.COM: This is some spanish link exchanging site, it has no use than just increasing your blog hits, people here will hardly read your content, but more you contribute more people will be visiting, just google as 5linkers and join it, but only for those who are interested in just increasing the page views.

4) WEBTRAFFICGRILL.COM: This is a similar site to the above one, here also people will just hit your page but no use, you can hardly see someone reading your articles but this site is better than 5linkers in term of total page views that you will receive.

3) WRITEUPCAFE.COM: wonderful site, most of you would be already a member of it, it has got more options to share and learn, can meet wide range of bloggers from all over the world, it is definitely a best site to learn and share,Visit writeupcafe.

2) BLOGJUNTA.COM: yet another impressive site, it is very similar to writeupcafe, here also editor will appreciate you with blog awards and many more, can meet lot of well known and great bloggers, i have met such kind of pro bloggers here, good site to grow with.

1) INDIBLOGGER.COM: If this site din't exist or if i have never joined this site, i would have stopped blogging long ago, such a best site to express your blog and talents, can win lot of prize by contesting in competition, this site has got thousands of bloggers and still growing, will be a good site to learn.

I have just shared my views in increasing traffic, there are people on my both extreme, better than me and emerging behind me, i just shared my experiences here, these points alone will not help, there are much more things other than these, basically you must have a passion and hunger to blog, then none can stop you, all the best keep blogging :)
This is a guest post written by  S.Deepak karthik
He is a mechanical engineer and a freelance blogger
you can find him at his blog WHATEVER IT TAKES !

Readitt thanks Deepak Karthik for this post

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Shashidhar Sharma said...

Well as a novice in terms of blogging tech, I learned a lot... thanks for sharing beautiful content....

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Sujatha Sathya said...

content - worst or best!! smiled at that one

signing up on indiblogger has proved helpful

good post

Mr.Jovita said...

I should book mark this!

Anu said...

Thanks Deepak Karthik, very good tips.
Joined you GFC, Readitt!

Gowardhan said...

thank you sahsi, sathya, jovita and Anu

Gowardhan said...

thank you sahsi, sathya, jovita and Anu

Unknown said...

go to and enjoy the social life's funny moments

Anonymous said...

FaceBookiDunia is taken!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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