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How to add Slide show to blogger blogposts

Hi Blog mates, we usually add picture to our blog posts, but some some blog posts  demand more than 10 pictures to be added in that case, A slideshow makes your post more interesting and appealing. so this is a post about adding slideshow to your blogger blog posts Before you add it let us see what are the + points of adding slide show.

+ Slide shows are user friendly and visually appealing.
+ Slide shows are better with posts with > 5 images.
+ How to do topics are very easily explained by slideshow.
+ You will discover more plus points as you add it
+ It will add the curiosity in top 10 posts, where user literally clicks to know what is next.

go through a simple click to do ppt, to add it in 6 steps
to view in full screen click above

Try doing it, it will be fun to you as well as to your Readers !!!
you are done, any clarifications you are welcome. please use the comments section.

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How to add Slide show to blogger blogposts Reviewed by Gowardhan on 11/06/2011 02:22:00 PM Rating: 5


Mr.Jovita said...


Anu said...

I struggled so much to get my slideshow running. You've helped many like myself.
Can I request you to write on how to show only post summaries with thumbnails on the homepage?
It'll save me so much time n research.
It'd be nice if you can let me know after posting, on my blog

Anonymous said...

Quite useful and informative.

Unknown said...


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