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Top 10 Beer Brands

Cheers to Beer Lovers, how are you doing . Beer is a favourite drink for most of us , Many ocassions are incomplete without a case of Beer we see a lot of Beer Brands popping up these days  and Every one has their own choice and taste but I feel one should taste all the top 10 beers , Peoples  favourite and choice changes from time to time. Let us see what are the Beer Brands most liked by the people all over the world. we shall have glance at  " The TOP 10 Beer Brands " So are you ready with the opener. Now say cheers before we open one by one and  lets have look at those

01/10  Budweiser 
Brewed by Anheuser Busch.
Origin country is USA
Introduced in 1876
Alcohol Content is 5%
Budweiser is a great beer past 133 years. having mild and soft taste making it no 1 in our top 10 beer brands list

02/10 Carlsberg

Brewed by Carlsberg
Origin Country is Denmark
Since 1847
Alcohol content is 3.8 %  &  5.0 %
Carlsberg is the most sold beer in Denmark, having world wide presence makes it no 2 in our top 10 beer brands in the world.

03/10 Heineken

Brewed by Heineken International
Born in Netherlands
Since  1873
Alcohol content is 5 %
Heineken is popular in 39 countries, Beer lovers place Heineken at 3 rd position among Top 10 Beer Brands in the world.

04/10 Corona Extra

Brewed by Groupo Modelo
Born in Mexico City
Since  1925
Alcohol content is 4.6 %
Corona is one of the best selling beers in Mexico, available in 170 countries. Corona extra is mentioned as light beer grabbing the no 4 position in the top 10 list.

05/10 Guinness

Brewed by Diageo
Born in Ireland
Since  1778
Alcohol content is 4.1% - 4.3  %
Guinness is one of the best beer brands brewed in 50 countries and available in 100 countries. "Guinness is good for you" is the slogan of Guinness and guinness is at no 05.

06/10 Fosters

Brewed by Fosters
Born in Australia
Since  1888
Alcohol content is 5 %
Fosters is Australian brand , brewed by Heineken in Europe and SAB Miller in India and USA.Beer Boys could give it no 06.

07/10 Efes Pilsen

Brewed by  Efes Beer Group
Born in Turkey
Since  1969
Alcohol content is 3-8 %
Efes Pilsen unique of its kind offering 3-8% alcohol making it available as light, strong and extra strong. and our no 07 is Efes pilsen.

08/10 Miller Lite

Brewed by Miller Brewing Company
Born in USA
Since  1973
Alcohol content is 4.2 %
Miller has started as Diet beer and graduated as light beer and started dominating American Beer Market. Miller Lite is at No 08.


Brewed by San Miguel Brewery
Born in Phillipines
Since  1890
Alcohol content is 4.8 %
San Miguel captures the Phillipines market by 95%, that is a very big figure. there is no point for other players to think about phillipines. San Miguel settles down as top 9.

10/10 Kingfisher

Brewed by United Breweries group
Born in India
Since  1876
Alcohol content is 6 %
Kingfisher "the king of good times" is the best selling beer in India capturing the market by 33%. Kingfisher also owns a Airlines. Kingfisher as marketing strategy launches kingfisher calendar every year with top models.

So which one are you planning to check out for the next party. try it out and comment and let us know what did you like. CHEERS !!!

note : the sequence for the above top 10 is arrived at by referring to common resources.

Top 10 Beer Brands Reviewed by Gowardhan on 10/06/2011 04:42:00 PM Rating: 5


umashankar said...

I was never a fan of beer. I have tried Kingfisher though. I am not sure I'll find my way to your blog if I consumed....

Gowardhan said...

thanks for sharing your opinion umashankar

Chintan said...

@USP, you should try german beer, unfortunately I do not remember the name but when you are in London, I will take you to the pub. I am not a beer drinker either, but that worked for me :D
And well, covered the most common ones :) I was expecting some un-covered, local, niche stuff...never mind :D


Saru Singhal said...

This is quite interesting...I was not aware of many brands...:)


Megha Sarin said...

Interesting topic ;)

Mr.Jovita said...

no alcohol in kuwait :(:(:(:(:(

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