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Birthday Every Month

Birthdays are celebrated once a year , thats fine. what about celebrating birthday  Every Month, sounds interesting na! yes it is, I came across this, when my friend Anil recently became a Dad ,He started celebrating his son's birthday from the first month and he wants to celebrate the same every month till one year. that's like a sweet Dad I liked it and asked him how,why,what etc of this monthly birthday concept...

He told as a dad I wanted to be special to my son, celebrating his birthday every month and store all the memories " Some in my heart some in my lens" I will show him all when he grew up.

Having a baby is the most precious feeling which is incomparable with any other feelings. Watching them grow and develop in front of your eyes is just amazing! Baby development milestones start within a month of their birth and goes on i.e kids grow, learn, understand at a rapid rate , so it is a time to celebrate why not?

Celebration is always good, so there will be a occasion to party and have the family and friends together. 

thought of celebrating 1month birthday arised when his sister started doing this. he liked it and started followed it, I too liked it I will follow it , how many of you are going to follow it?

I also found that there is a community in face book named Baby leaf who celebrate this way

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Birthday Every Month Reviewed by Gowardhan on 10/30/2011 10:56:00 PM Rating: 5


Life Unordinary said...

yup, many couples do the month anniversary too.

GeetS said...

sounds cool ...depends on person to person ..well nice post:)

Gowardhan said...

monthly anniversry "" thats lovable..Gayatri

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