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Why Monalisa Painting is famous

I should not commit a crime by introducing " The Monalisa Painting". I know that all of you know it. It is world famous and if someone has to discuss about world's best paintings the artistic beauty which glances is the monalisa painting , Let us see what made it so famous.

Monalisa Painting (500 yrs old) is presently preserved with utmost care in "the Louvre"- Paris, the most visited art museum in the world 

Enigmatic smile,facial expression and illusion , As you watch the painting at first you feel she is laughing and then you experience something else, i.e you get confused and keep looking at the painting in fascination.

Who is she: There are no solid evidences on who is the lady in the Monalisa painting but it is believed that she is  Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco (A Italian cloth merchant), She is not a beautiful lady , But why did Da vinci painted her? is one more interesting and unsolved mystery.

Painter : Leanardo da vinci is a creative genius and diversely talented person of all time , One quality of him is he is obsessed with perfection, So only few paintings came out of his brush. He completed Monalisa painting in 4 years (started it in 1504). It is believed that he used most advanced techniques and scientific principles related to light and vision to create this painting. 

hard work pays you out, that's why we are talking about a painting and a painter which are 500 years old

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Why Monalisa Painting is famous Reviewed by Gowardhan on 9/07/2011 06:14:00 PM Rating: 5


Saru Singhal said...

I know it's famous but I don't like it much. I always concentrate on her missing eye brows. Thanks for reviewing it from a different perspective!

Gowardhan said...

missing eyebrows.that's one more interesting thing.

Shasha said...

o ya...n then there's another fact---her eyes always follow u, no matter at wat angle u watch her

Gowardhan said...

yes shasha,

+1 to why it is famous, her eyes appear to follow you.

Karthik said...

Not only in that painting . . Watch your photo in any angle , the eyes in that photo will follow u . .

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