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Love PadLocks

Love PadLocks ! What is this ? , It is a tradition followed by couples where they write their names on one lock or two locks  and locking them with a Fencing chain, Poles or hanging chains in public places (Bridges, Parks, Tourist locations and temples etc) and throw away the key in a river in a belief that doing so will make their love last for ever ,The tradition of Love Padlocks is observed prominently in China,Italy,South Korea,USA,Hungary and Russia. They are so Romantic , what do you say friends ?

Famous places in the world for Love Padlocks are 
Great wall of China
LoveLock ( USA) 
Szinvia Terrace (Hungary)
Luzhkov bridge (Russia)
 N.Seoul Tower (South Korea)
Friends, One side lovers, Lovers and Married Couples started believing this and started fixing the Love Padlocks, Soon Public places were filled with locks and  It became difficult for Town Authorities to control the people from disturbing the appearance of Public places and started displaying warning boards not to fix the Love Padlocks and throw the key away, no use nothing stopped people from doing it, At last Town Authorities started bowing down to the LOVE. As the tradition of fixing Love padlocks spread out rapdily  Some Avenues were even created by Authorities exclusivley for fixing  Love Padlocks, Even there is a website which sells this Love Padlocks customised for you below are some of them
Via dell'Amore in Italy
Iron Trees were installed in Moscow
Love lock USA  
How did this start?  Though a proper evidence is not available regarding how it has started, But Resources say It has been existing in Hungary as old as from 1980's and Chineese believe that locks are a symbol of love and affection, In Italy the craze for Love PadLock begin after release of the Film "Ho Voglia Di te" which was based on the book " I WANT YOU" written by Federico Moccia, We Dont need to worry how has it started ,the concept of locking your love ir really romantic so why dont we start fixing our own love padlocks
Come on Start it yourself,
Fix a Love padlock & Surprise your love on his or her birthday or Valentines day.
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Saru Singhal said...

This is very lovely, in India we tie threads at sacred places...I will do that, thanks for sharing!

Anil Kumar Singh said...

Very nice work thanks for share Add Super Golden Navigation Menu to Blogger.

Gowardhan said...

yes sharu, me too thinking to fix a lock..

Gowardhan said...

glad for liking my Love Padlocks Anil.

Lock-itz said...

With over 350 possible design combinations (size, color and fonts), a custom engraved love padlock from Lock-itz, allows you to express your deep, passionate emotion towards your loved one. – a unique twist on a centuries old tradition that symbolizes the locking of your life and love.

Shelly Law said...

Awesome post! Love Padlocks seems to be symbol of love and I missed it. Keep up the impressive pics! :) said...

Inspired by an Ancient Chinese Custom

Many charms, keepsakes and pieces of jewelry are used to express love from one person to another and now custom engraved love padlocks have been added to the list. Your love is unique and so should your LOVE padlock...Lovelocks are the hottest new"thing to do" in the USA! is the leading resource for colored and solid brass custom engraved love padlocks of the highest quality.

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