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How to Password protect excel sheet or word document

Password protecting excel sheets and word documents are important particularly to Office going  professionals, So dear Colleagues Before Knowing how to password protect your documents, Let us see why is it necessary to password protect them?       

  • Most of your documents are Confidential and sensitive.
  • You can provide access (password) only to the intended person.
  • To avoid your excel sheets & documents get edited by mistake.
  •  Someone can edit your word documents and misuse them.
  • Your colleagues can take credit by spying on your excel sheets.
  • You might be very careful in maintaining the privacy, But your boss may not be careful.
Here are 5 clicks to password protect your excel sheet or word document 
This procedure is applicable for Windows Operating system

Finished through the slide show, tried it on your pc ?
Now you are done ! , Do you think the same. no never think so.
One important step you have to take before you password protect a document is to keep a back up file or note down the password safely , So that you can avoid your one week hard hard work from getting eaten away by the password, ha ha ha.

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