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How to get Aadhaar card

What is Aadhaar card? , Aadhaar card is a 12 Digit Unique identification Number issued by UIDAI (Indian Government) to provide Unique identity to Indian Citizens, Aadhaar card  aims at eliminating fake identities and unauthorized immigration of foreign nationals. Aadhaar card will link yourself to your passport, Bank Accounts, Licenses etc. Lets us see how to get your Aadhaar card.

You can apply for Aadhaar card online (but cannot obtain it without your physical presence) or go to the nearest agency to enroll yourself for it, You can apply whenever you like,there is no time period or deadline,Obtaining Aadhaar card is not mandatory as on date. After applying for Aadhaar card Your time slot will be booked, So whenever you are called for the same you shall provide them with Address Proof and Identity proof and enable them to physically very you as follows 
P        Photo will be captured
·         Finger Prints of your 10 Fingers will be digitally recorded
·         Scan of IRIS (eye) will be done

You will be provided with a Enrolment Number and Aadhaar card shall be issued with in 90 days.

Have a look at the sample Aadhaar card

Get yours Aadhaar card in 4 steps
  1. Aadhar card Application form
  2. Apply Aadhar card Online
  3. Your nearest Aadhar card Enrollment camp  
  4. Aadhar card Status

Launch of Aadhar card symbolises the growth of our country, Its a Appreciable initiative by Indian Government. I personally recommend you to apply for Aadhar card as you can use it almost everywhere!

I have recieved my Aadhar card, and also used it several times,i.e while travelling in train with eticket, so that I don't need to carry a pan card with me, applying for a new bank account  etc and waiting to use it more. Aadhar card's front side contained name, date of birth, gender and the 12 digit unique Identification number and on the other side it contained my address. that means I can use my Aadhar card for Identity proof as well as address proof. I am attaching below my aadhar card (to have an idea) 

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